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  • Goggin Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • McCarthy Insurance Group
  • Brian J Pierce Ltd
  • Pat Britton & Company Ltd.
  • Biz Broker t/a Clarke & Conlon Insurance Brokers

Why Paddy Compare?

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Great deals on insurance across Ireland

Want to save money on your insurance quotes? At Paddy Compare you can easily compare prices from across the whole Irish market in one go. Paddy understands the importance of finding you the right deal on your car, van, bike, home and travel insurance. When it comes to online quotes, Paddy knows best. So simply fill in a few details about your risk, some details about yourself and let Paddy do all the work for you. Cheap insurance in Ireland is simple with Paddy Compare!

Motorbike Insurance

Paddy Compare can help you find a great deal on your motorbike insurance. Whether you have a Yamaha or a Harley Davidson bike, our specialist insurance broker can quote for your motorcycle insurance, you just need to fill in one simple form. The main factors that will affect the cost of your cover will be age, bike make, model, your location and past driving experience.

Choose Quality Insurance with Paddy Compare!

Finding cheap car insurance is easy when you use Paddy Compare. It doesn't matter if you have just recently passed your driving test and are in search of insurance for the first time, or have been driving for years and are looking to better your renewal. Even if you have any convictions on your license or have made previous claims against your insurance, Paddy can help. Of course, we don't just do car insurance. At Paddy Compare you can quickly compare up to 30 financial and insurance products. So whether you are looking for home insurance for your property in Cork, taxi insurance for your cab in Dublin or shop insurance in Galway, Paddy can save you money.

Try Paddy to find out how much you could save

Simply select your product and complete our online insurance comparison quote form. Paddy will then match your details up with insurance brokers and insurers in Ireland who will then contact you with a competitive quote that meets your needs. It is up to you to choose the best policy. For a brand you can trust, use Paddy Compare. Its free, no obligation and easy to use, so try Paddy and start saving money today.

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