Best Black Friday Deals Ireland 2018!

Black Friday is here!! What can we expect in 2018? Well even more discounts. With over 90% of retailers offering big deals, now is the time to buy Christmas presents and get the latest tech at prices we all can afford. For more information on who’s in, what’s hot and product offerings, check out our Best Black Friday Deals in Ireland 2018 summary here.

Top ten tips for Black Friday Ireland 2018!

With Black Friday fast approaching and many of the retailers advertising the first of their discounts already, now is the time to act. Black Friday or Black Friday week is a great opportunity for you to save on Christmas gifts, electrical appliances, latest tech and homeware. Paddy has came up with the top ten tips to help you find the best Black Friday deals in Ireland in 2018. Click here for our top ten tips and start saving now.


Government slammed again over rising car insurance premiums!

A recent report by AA Ireland has hit out at the Government, accusing ministers of turning a blind eye to the ever increasing car insurance premiums across the Isle.  Just when we thought prices couldn’t go up anymore…. the Central Statistics Office reported average rises of 70pc over a 3 year period, the average premium now stands at a whopping 750 euro. With no change in legislation or reform to the sector, the average Joe continues to take the hit, and worse yet, the Government have turned their attention to Brexit and housing. Whilst the large players continue to thrive and hold all the customer information, things need to change. AA Ireland has set about lobbying the Government on five key reforms in an effort to drive costs down. Will it work, only time will tell! In the meantime, get car insurance quotes at Paddy Compare to see how much you could save today. You can get quotes from a range of local and specialist brokers in just minutes.

Axa set to enter the Irish farm insurance market!

Good news for farmers this week, as word on the paddock is that Axa Insurance plans to take on the farm insurance market in Ireland. At present FBD insurance are the main players in the market, offering healthy discounts for Irish Farmer Association members. Axa are well established across Ireland, with over 50 branches and cover a full range of insurance products. They have recently started recruiting for a dedicated farm insurance team, and are potentially set to employ some former specialists from FBD. Whilst details are still in the early stages, an AXA spokesperson suggested to expect movement in the first half of 2018. By completing our farm insurance quote form at Paddy Compare, our specialist brokers will contact you with tailored quotes that could help you save. So why not give it a try now, it’s free and easy to use.

4 months since Donegal floods

The past four months have been a stressful time for Donegal residents following efforts to restore homes after devastating floods in August.

63% of the average monthly rain fell in just nine hours in Inishowen, destroying bridges, vehicles, business and homes. Residents have been rebuilding their livelihoods following negotiations with insurance companies, and where complete re-builds have been required, seeking planning permission also.

Insurance can be a stressful matter, but when it comes to property, the most important thing is to have adequate cover for your buildings and contents, so that in the event of flooding or other event, you are covered.

Buildings insurance will cover the structure of your home in the event of fire, flood, subsidence, theft and falling trees. Contents insurance will protect your belongings against theft, fire and flooding. The average family of four will have contents of approximately €30,000 in value.

Paddy Compare works with a number of insurance companies to help you seek the best deal for your insurance. Simply complete the home insurance form and leave it to our specialist brokers to advise you on your requirements.

Gardai increase trailer licence and insurance checks

New regulations for towing are causing confusion and problems for trailer owners as no licence means no insurance. If you hold a category B licence, you are ok, provided the maximum authorised mass (MAM) of the trailer is less than 750kg or where the MAM of the trailer is greater than 750kg but the MAM of the trailer and the towing vehicle combined is less than 3,500kg. The weight measurement includes the contents of the trailer. Therefore the category B licence does not permit you to tow a horsebox of livestock trailer as the combined weight would exceed 3,500kg. In this case you will need to apply and complete a driving test for a Category BE licence. For more details on finding the right licence, refer to the National Driver Licence Service.

In all cases you should ensure that you have the correct licence in place. If not, your motor insurance or jeep insurance may refuse to indemnify you in the case of an accident. The Gardai are clamping down on drivers towing trailers and conducting licence spot checks across the country. Try Paddy Compare for your car insurance, farm insurance or hosebox insurance.

House prices rally outside Dublin, with more modest gains in the capital

Recent figures from the Central Statistics Office show that whilst Dublin house prices rose during 2016, the majority of the gains were outside the capital.

2016 Property Prices (Central Statistics Office)

Across the country, home-owners saw an average increase of 8.1%. Unlike in previous years, Dublin properties did not see the bulk of these increases, with a rise of just 5.8%.

Outside of Dublin, there were gains of 12.1%, but the best of these gains were in the West of the country, with house prices rising 17.8%.

Whilst strong gains are being made, property prices are still 32.1% lower than the peaks seen in 2007, opening up opportunities for first-time buyers to purchase their first home, and for existing home-owners to be able to climb the ladder, particularly those who are deciding to move outside the capital.

Home insurance and landlord insurance are an important consideration for home-owners. Paddy Compare works with a range of insurers across Ireland and can help you achieve the best deal. Try us today to see how much you can save!

Opinions on Brexit – how will it affect you and your business insurance?

Opinions on how Brexit will affect Ireland have been wide ranging, and there is no clear cut answer on the advantages or pitfalls for the country. Here is a selection of recent views:

“Brexit will destroy Good Friday agreement”

Gerry Adams has claimed that since Brexit looks to end the jurisdiction of the European court, the human rights afforded as part of the Good Friday agreement may be undermined.

“My business lost 20% of revenue overnight”

As the pound slumped following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, Athlone mushroom farmer Gerry Reilly hopes that Brexit won’t deal a further blow to his business, with the UK purchasing 50 lorry loads of mushrooms every day from Ireland.

“There will be opportunities and Irish companies need to be at the forefront of them”

The Irish Examiner reports that Ireland may become an excellent opportunity for UK companies to continue to trade with mainland Europe, with the country acting as a spring board into the continent, for example, UK engineered products could be finished off in Ireland before being sold onto France and beyond.

– – –

Brexit may mean a change in the nature of your business, and it is vital that your business insurance is adequate for your turnover and type of trade. Paddy Compare can help you save on your liability insurance and tradesman insurance, wherever in the country you operate.

Farmers worry after €40,000 hill walker claim awarded – Farm insurance

Farmers remain wary of wandering hill walkers following the judgement to award one €40,000 for her injuries from a fall in Wicklow Way in 2013.  Despite the accident happening on property owned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the IFA and ICSA suggested that farmers should be worried. Mountaineering Ireland disagreed, stating that “Most structures provided for use by recreational users that are on private land, such as stiles, bridges and boardwalks are part of managed trails where there is an insurance policy in place to indemnify landowners” and that if a farmer builds a stile for their own use and even if it is used by hill walkers, the duty of care remains minimal. Read more here. The High Court is set to rule on an appeal on the decision in the coming weeks.

Paddy Compare can help you get a good deal on your farm insurance. Simply enter your details on our farm insurance quote page and we will pass your details onto our trusted farm insurance brokers.  Our partners cover all types of farms across the country.  Farm insurance comes with many features and can include protection for your livestock, buildings and equipment, farmhouse and public and environmental liability cover. Get a farm quote today.

2016 in Review

2016 has been an excellent year for Paddy Compare. We have helped thousands of Irish customers save money on their insurance and we are working with more brokers than ever, all of whom are growing their customer base daily.

2016 was an interesting year for Ireland in General – here’s a quick summary:


Storm Desmond and Storm Frank battered the country over Christmas and the New Year, damaging homes, farms and businesses. The Cabinet agreed to replace fodder at the market rate, and also promised €10m for Local Authorities to aid with the clean-up operation.


The 2016 election takes place. Over 3.22 million people are eligible to vote. More than 550 candidates contest for 157 Dáil seats and 65.1% of the people turn out to vote.


Tens of thousands of people turn out in Dublin on Easter Sunday for the official State commemoration to celebrate 100 years since the Easter Rising – the largest public spectacle in the history of the State.


Forms arrive in the post for the 2016 census. Preliminary results indicated that the population grew by 3.7% in 2016, to 4.76m.


Enda Kenny is elected Taoiseach on May 6th, 70 days after the general election.


The Republic of Ireland face Sweden in their first match of the 2016 UEFA European Championships. The game ends in a 1-1 draw but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to see Ireland progress to the knock-out stages.


Twenty-two members of a Dublin Bus syndicate win the EuroMillions jackpot – €1,083,866.36 each.


The O’Donovan brothers from Cork become internet sensations as they win silver medals in the lightweight men’s double sculls at the Rio Olympics. The pair, who train at Skibbereen Rowing Club “pulled like a dog” to come in second, just behind the French winners.


41-year-old mother of two, Caitríona Lucas, attached to the Doolin Coast Guard unit was on board Kilkee Coast Guard’s rigid inflatable boat (RIB) during a search for missing Clare teacher David McMahon. Caitríona lost her life when the lifeboat capsized in rough seas on September 12th.


Munster Rugby players and fans are devastated by the sudden death of head coach, Anthony Foley. Anthony was just 42 and died overnight in Paris on 16th October and was described as one of Munster’s ‘all time greats’.


Worldwide news is swamped with the shock US Election result, as Donald Trump defeats Hilary Clinton. In Ireland, almost 60% of secondary schools close as members of the Association of Secondary School Teachers in Ireland pull out of the supervision of students during break times.


The cabinet proposes to limit landlords to increasing rent in Dublin and Cork by 4% each year over the next 3 years. In an attempt to reduce homelessness, Minister for Housing Simon Coveney is to announce a series of measures targeting the private rental sector.


2016 has been an interesting year, how will 2017 fare?

Happy New Year to all customers, from the staff at Paddy Compare!