Top 10 Tips for the best Black Friday deals in Ireland 2018

Paddy Compare’s top ten tips for making the most of Black Friday in Ireland 2018:

  1. Be ready – arguably the most important tip is to be ready! With many of the deals already being advertised online from today, you have to make sure you are on the ball or you could miss out on big savings!
  2. Make a list – another good piece of advice is to make a list of items that you need. Or if you are one of these people who have it all, perhaps make a wish list and keep an eye out for that item you have always wanted, at that price you just cannot resist.
  3. Know what you are NOT looking for – with so many attractive items being advertised at some ridiculously good prices it is often easy to get sucked in, and before you know it, you end up buying more than you need, or worse still, more than you can afford. The last thing you want to do is to wake up with huge bill on your credit card.
  4. Know what you can afford – everyone has a budget, big or small. Make sure and set your price limit of what you are willing to pay for each item on your list.
  5. Do your research – ensure to read up on your chosen purchases to find out if they are right for you. Read product reviews available on the retailer’s site and search in Google “XXX product reviews” to inform your decision before you buy.
  6. Buy online – Black Friday used to be known for its crazy queues and in-store fights for that last TV, that no longer is the case. Most people now buy online to save hassle and avoid the hustle and bustle. It is also often the case that the best discounts can be got online too.
  7. Use deals pages – many retailers will have dedicated deal pages already set up on their website advertising their Black Friday offers and products marked with the largest discounts. For example Amazon and Argos list daily deals. These are often a good starting point for your search.
  8. Use voucher codes & cash back sites – make sure to use voucher codes such as expertreviews and cash back sites such as Cashback Ireland or Quidco for even more savings. With many of these sites, you can ear back up to 10% cashback on purchases after a simple sign up.
  9. Compare prices – it is always best practice to compare prices before you buy, Black Friday is no different. Ensure to compare product prices with other retailers to get the best deal. However, beware of scams as retailers have also been known to increase their prices before Black Friday to allow them to discount it further.
  10. Don’t leave it too late – deals will go FAST and most have already started. So start planning now and find yourself the best deal you can.

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