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Co. Mayo has fewest drivers with penalty points – Car Insurance

A report by RTE has found that Co. Mayo has the fewest drivers with points on their licence, whilst Co. Kildare has the most. Across the country, around 20% of drivers have penalty points and over 168000 offences were recorded last month in Dublin alone.

The Regional Quality of Life report from the Central Statistics Office compares lifestyle, housing, health, education and economic activity across Ireland.

The penalty points system was brought in to encourage safe driving and reduce accidents on the roads, and insurance companies may view drivers as a higher risk, especially if they have had repeat offences.

Penalty points can be picked up for speeding, driving without due care, using a mobile phone, driving through a red light or for not maintaining your car properly. Whatever the reason for your points, Paddy Compare can find the best deals for car insurance or convicted driver insurance from specialist insurance companies across Ireland.

If you are fortunate enough to not have any penalty points, and your licence is clean, Paddy will also pass this information on to insurers, who will be able to give you a quote on that basis. Simply visit the car insurance page today to get started with a one-page form!


#XboxOne announced – Compare gadget insurance

Microsoft has revealed its latest game console the Xbox One. The third generation console will be sold as the complete all-in-one system offering games, television, movies and music. The Xbox One’s new features will include a Blu-ray drive, Skype functionality and an upgraded Kinect interactive camera sensor. The announcement puts Microsoft in a strong position in the home entertainment sector and the console will go on sale later this year.

By using Paddy Compare you can compare gadget insurance in Ireland with just one form. Simply tell us about your gadget and Paddy will search the market for you. You can compare prices for console insurance, laptop insurance, tablet insurance or iPhone insurance. Gadget insurance will cover you against theft and damage. So get gadget quotes and find cheap gadget insurance today.

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EU car market shows signs of recovery – car insurance Ireland

The European car market showed slight signs of recovery as new EU car registrations in April were up over 1.5% on the same time last year. This is according to recent data from the European automaker’s association. All major car makers have struggled recently due to the downturn, with Ford, Peugeot, Fiat and General Motors posting combined operating losses of approximately €5 billion. This small rise comes as a relief for many and shows some promise for 2013.

Car insurance in Ireland is required by law and is a must if you want to drive your car on the road. Car insurance can be expensive but with Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance in Ireland free of charge and with one simple form. So whether you need family car insurance, classic car insurance, insurance for your 4×4 or kit car insurance, Paddy can help. Get car insurance quotes for any car today!

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Aer Lingus Strike Warning – Travel Insurance

Baggage handlers striking in Brussels is resulting in some disruption for Irish travellers this week, as around 20,000 pieces of luggage are stranded at Belgium’s largest hub.

The four-day protest has resulted in a backlog of luggage that will take some time to clear, and those who have flown into or out of the airport may have to wait for another few days before their belongings are returned.

Travelling is stressful at the best of times, but nervous passengers may become even more anxious due to events like these. Paddy Compare can be used to compare travel insurance from specialist insurance brokers across Ireland. Travel insurance will provide peace of mind when travelling in the case of any delays, cancellations or lost baggage. Try Paddy Compare for an insurance quote today!

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Dublin extend cycleways – bike insurance Ireland

Good news for Irish cyclists as Dublin City Councillors approved a proposal to extend the Dublin Bay cycleway and treble the Dublin Bike Scheme. €600,000 was invested in adding two kilometres of cycleway at Clontarf which will complete the 8km cycle lane from Sutton to Fairview. Future plans could see this stretch increased to 22km and reaching Sandycove.

To many a bike is a way of life and a means of getting from A to B. At Paddy Compare you can compare bike insurance quotes in Ireland with just one form. Bike insurance will cover you in the event of an accident or if your bike is stolen. Whether you need cheap motorbike insurance or bicycle insurance, Paddy can help. So get bike quotes, save money and feel safer on the roads today.

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Low Interest Rates on Mortgages in Ireland – House Insurance?

Recent figures from the Central Bank show that borrowing money for house purchases in Ireland costs an average of 3%, almost 15% cheaper than the euro zone average at 3.49%. Despite this, the cost of mortgage loans in Ireland is rising, despite the ECB main interest rate remaining unchanged.

Banks are currently losing money on their tracker mortgage products, and so are charging more for their standard variable rate and fixed rate mortgages.

If you are planning to take advantage of the low (but rising) mortgage prices to buy your first home, up-size, or purchase an investment property, you may also be considering the cost of home insurance. Paddy Compare can compare home insurance in Ireland for you, saving the hassle and getting the best prices. Try Paddy Compare for house insurance today!

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Can you parallel park? – Compare car insurance now!

Are you good at parking your car? Many of us would class our driving skills as pretty good. Certainly many men among us would rate their driving way above that of their female counterparts. Some people would argue that dangerous parking is one of the many reasons for congestion and accidents in built up areas. We have all seen it, people parking on kerbs, tail ends sticking out or people quickly parking in the bus stop while running into the shop. One poor lady was recently caught on video attempting to parallel park in Belfast City centre for over thirty minutes. For those of you who have yet to see this parking exhibition click here.

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Life Insurance in Ireland

Paddy Compare are pleased to announce the addition of Life Insurance to our increasing product list.

Various types of policies are available to cover costs in the case of the death of the policyholder, such as dependants or a mortgage.

Use Paddy Compare to get Life Insurance quotes from a range of specialist life cover specialist brokers today.

Landlord Insurance

Opportunities for Landlord Insurance as rental costs rise

Rental prices in Dublin have increased by 5% since this time last year, according to a recent rental report by property website This is in line with the average rise of 2.7% across Ireland.

The gap between the cost of renting in urban and rural locations is increasing. Supply in Dublin City Centre is less than half of the monthly demand. This figure is decreasing, as typically more properties are rented out than become available on the market each month. On the other hand, supply outside of the city is typically greater than the demand, and this has resulted in decreased rental prices.

Increased rental prices are an excellent opportunity for property investors trying to maximise returns on their investment. Gross yields often appear very attractive, but bad debt, bills, maintenance and insurance can eat away at the net figures.

Paddy Compare can help landlords and homeowners across Dublin, Cork, Galway and Ireland in general. Home insurance and landlord insurance can be compared at any time of the day or night, and our panel of specialist insurance brokers will provide you with the best prices. Simply fill in one of our one page forms today for great deals on all your insurance needs.