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Many motorists in Ireland avoiding penalty points – Car insurance at Paddy Compare!

A recent study by the State’s financial watchdog revealed that up to one fifth of motorists have been able to avoid penalty points. The report showed significant weaknesses in the fixed charge notice system. This was particular evident during 2011 and 2012 when approximately 850,000 road traffic offences warranted the issuing of fixed charge notices and around 11% remained unpaid or not answered in court. The acceptable reasons for lack of charging varied. From drivers speeding because they were late for a religious ceremony, penalty points could not be attached to a company with company car offences, or late entry of data and court proceedings not initiated within 6 months.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been caught and received penalty points on your driving licence, we all know how expensive and difficult it can be to find affordable car insurance in Ireland. That’s why at Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance and convicted driver insurance free of charge. Simply enter some details about yourself, your car and your driving history and get cheap car insurance quotes today. Car insurance is easy with Paddy Compare.

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Ireland divided in three for Euro Parliament elections – Compare insurance with Paddy Compare

The European Parliament Constituencies Committee has recommended that Ireland be divided into three constituencies for future European Parliament elections. This action is a result of the number of seats being reduced from 12 to 11, to accommodate Croatia as the 28th member of the EU. There is a three seat Dublin constituency, a four seat Midlands-North-West constituency and a four seat South constituency.

It doesn’t matter which part of Ireland you live in, at Paddy Compare we know that finding cheap insurance deals is a must. That’s why at Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance, home insurance, van insurance. Also more specialist insurance such as taxi insurance, caravan insurance and landlord insurance, free of charge. It pays to compare insurance, so get a quote and start saving time and money today.

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Court changes in Ireland increasing the cost of motor insurance – Paddy Compare can help!

2013 saw the introduction of a new Courts Bill giving rise to new changes in the Court’s regime. Dorethea Dowling, who chairs the lawyer-free Injuries Board, highlights that recent concerns have developed as these new court changes could enhance motor insurance costs throughout the country.

This new Bill will make district and circuit courts busier, leading to huge delays and greater costs for companies all round. As a result, these costs will be passed on by increased motor insurance premiums. Mrs Dowling said that ‘it seems no-one in Government has any responsibility for safeguarding the interests of car insurance consumers’.

At Paddy Compare we do care about car insurance consumers. Therefore in order to escape the worries of motor insurance costs why not make sure you get the right car insurance quotes today. By simply completing our one page online car insurance quote form, you can make an informed choice and easily compare some of the best motor insurance quotes in Ireland.

Don’t drive around with worry, let Paddy Compare steer you in the right direction and get cheap car insurance quotes today!

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Central Bank announce new plans on mortgage arrears – Paddy Compare for home insurance!

The Central Bank of Ireland has recently set out new targets for banks dealing with mortgage customers who have fallen more than 90 days in arrears. After discussions with Troika, the European Commission led fund organisers, the Central Bank wants to have “concluded agreements” in place with 15% of customers in arrears over three months by the end of the year. It also wants to see banks offering sustainable solutions to 70% of these customers by spring 2014. It is yet to be decided if this is good or bad news for customers The Central Bank has not clearly defined their terminology of “sustainable solution” and whether this includes repossession or voluntary sale.

At Paddy Compare we understand that times are tight and nobody has any extra money in their pockets and so it’s important to shop around for your home insurance. That’s why we offer you a free and independent insurance comparison service that you can trust. Use Paddy Compare to compare home insurance now and see how much you could save before it’s too late. We don’t just compare home insurance quotes, you can also compare car insurance, van insurance, travel insurance, caravan insurance and much more.

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Save up to €360 when you compare home insurance – Paddy Compare!

A recent study carried out by the National Consumer Agency has just confirmed the need to compare insurance. In particular the study revealed that the average consumer could save up to €360 on their home insurance by just simply by shopping around. The survey found the highest insurance quote for a four bedroom semi-detached house in Dublin to be €530, while the lowest was €250. The statistics show that only 14% of customers switched provider on their renewal, and 80% of those who did saved money.

At Paddy Compare you can compare home insurance from providers across Ireland with just one simple form. We understand the importance of comparing insurance and know the true value of shopping around for your home insurance. Whether you need home insurance for your house in Dublin, or for your bungalow in Cork, Paddy can help. So get home insurance quotes and see how much you could save.

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Compare motorbike insurance in Ireland at Paddy Compare!

Own a motorbike? Did you know that it is an offence to keep a motorbike without bike insurance? If so you will need to find the right motorbike insurance. You will need to make sure that your bike is insured for the whole year and not just the summer months. You can choose between fully comp, third party or third party fire and theft insurance cover levels. The main factors that affect the price of motorbike cover will be the driver age, experience, type of bike and number of years no claims bonus. So make sure you shop around and get a good motorbike insurance comparison before you buy.

At Paddy Compare you can compare motorbike insurance from insurers across Ireland free of charge. Simply enter a few details about your motorbike and some details about yourself and Paddy’s trusted motorbike insurance partners will contact you directly with quotes. For cheap motorbike insurance quotes try Paddy Compare today.

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Taxi branding rules in Ireland – Compare taxi insurance now!

As part of new regulation submitted by the Government, the National Transport Authority has set new branding rules for all small public service vehicles.The Authority proposed that each taxi should display branding that contains the individual vehicle licence number and carry the Transport for Ireland logo. These rules have been in place since early 2013 and the Authority has warned that new taxi licences will not be issued unless the branding is fitted. For more information on the branding click here.

At Paddy Compare we understand that finding cheap taxi insurance cover is a must. Whether you own a taxi for hire on the street or taxi rank, a hackney cab or limousine for private hire, Paddy can help. Simply use our taxi insurance quote form and our specialist panel of taxi providers will contact you directly with quotes to suit. So if you need Dublin taxi insurance, taxi insurance in Galway, or anywhere in Ireland, use Paddy Compare today.


Twitter set for flotation – compare gadget insurance today!

Twitter is the next of the tech giants to announce plans for flotation and is now the hottest topic amongst investors since the flotation of Facebook last year. The micro-blogging business has been valued at more than $10bn. However, given Facebook’s post flotation troubles analysts remain sceptical as to the ongoing growth and sustainability of the company.

Twitter has more than 200 million active users, over two thirds of which access social media via their mobile phone device. This area has been particularly difficult for advertisers to reach. No matter whether you access social media via your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or laptop, finding the right gadget insurance is a must. Use Paddy Compare today to find cheap mobile phone insurance, tablet insurance, iPad insurance or laptop insurance in Ireland. Enter your gadget details onto our one page online gadget insurance quote form and get gadget insurance quotes now.

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Compare insurance at Paddy Compare!

Use Paddy Compare to compare car insurance, home insurance, van insurance or travel insurance in Ireland. Even if you are looking for something more specialist such as taxi insurance, caravan insurance or landlord insurance, Paddy can help you. We provide a totally independent and fully authorised comparison service that helps you find the best insurance deals on the market.

Simply enter some details about you and some details about your risk and Paddy will compare prices from insurance brokers across Ireland. We will then match your details up with specialist insurers that will contact you with tailored quotes to suit. So try Paddy Compare today, compare insurance for free and see how much you could save.