Opinions on Brexit – how will it affect you and your business insurance?

Opinions on how Brexit will affect Ireland have been wide ranging, and there is no clear cut answer on the advantages or pitfalls for the country. Here is a selection of recent views:

“Brexit will destroy Good Friday agreement”

Gerry Adams has claimed that since Brexit looks to end the jurisdiction of the European court, the human rights afforded as part of the Good Friday agreement may be undermined.

“My business lost 20% of revenue overnight”

As the pound slumped following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, Athlone mushroom farmer Gerry Reilly hopes that Brexit won’t deal a further blow to his business, with the UK purchasing 50 lorry loads of mushrooms every day from Ireland.

“There will be opportunities and Irish companies need to be at the forefront of them”

The Irish Examiner reports that Ireland may become an excellent opportunity for UK companies to continue to trade with mainland Europe, with the country acting as a spring board into the continent, for example, UK engineered products could be finished off in Ireland before being sold onto France and beyond.

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Farmers worry after €40,000 hill walker claim awarded – Farm insurance

Farmers remain wary of wandering hill walkers following the judgement to award one €40,000 for her injuries from a fall in Wicklow Way in 2013.  Despite the accident happening on property owned by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the IFA and ICSA suggested that farmers should be worried. Mountaineering Ireland disagreed, stating that “Most structures provided for use by recreational users that are on private land, such as stiles, bridges and boardwalks are part of managed trails where there is an insurance policy in place to indemnify landowners” and that if a farmer builds a stile for their own use and even if it is used by hill walkers, the duty of care remains minimal. Read more here. The High Court is set to rule on an appeal on the decision in the coming weeks.

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