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A guide to life insurance in Ireland – Paddy Compare!

Struggling to get to grips with life insurance in Ireland? Want to protect your family but unsure how much life insurance you might need? Confused as to which type of life insurance you should get, if any? At Paddy Compare, we know the thought of life insurance can be daunting. At the end of the day, who wants to think about the worst happening to them? So we got to work and created our very own life insurance guide to help you better understand what to look for in life insurance, why you might need it, how much you might need and the different types on the market. Our life insurance guide sets it out in simple terms that we can all follow.

At Paddy Compare you can also compare life insurance quotes from our trusted panel of Irish life insurance providers. By simply completing our online quote form our specialist brokers will call you to discuss your circumstances and advise on the best policy to suit. When buying life insurance it is important to shop around because your bank/lender will often only use one insurer. By using Paddy Compare you can compare quotes from local Irish regulated brokers who work with all the main insurers such as Aviva, Irish Life, April, Friends First, Zurich and much more. So get a great quote and protect your family today.

Annual cost of a family car in Ireland over €10k, could you afford it? – Paddy Compare news!

How much does a family car actually cost? A survey by The AA revealed that the cost of running a typical family car for a year was approximately a whopping €10,600. Yes, that is right when you add it all up most families in Ireland are spending more than €10k a year on their car. Rising motor insurance premiums counteracted the reduced fuel prices. For further details on the survey check out The AA website here.

Whilst car insurance prices in Ireland have increased on average by about 20% across Ireland, at Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance with just one form. By completing our motor insurance quote form our specialist local brokers will contact you with cheap quotes suited to meet your circumstances. So fill in the form and sit back and relax and see if you could save on your car insurance today.

AIB cut variable mortgage interest rates again, benefiting 150,000 customers – Paddy Compare news!

Great news for Irish mortgage holders as AIB announce a reduction of 0.25% in their standard variable mortgage rate. The reduction will apply to both new and existing customers and will benefit around 150,000 customers of AIB, EBS and Haven. Although the reduction doesn’t sound like much in percentage terms, it is now the third in ten months and means that a €200,000 mortgage holder could save close to €1,000 per year. For more information on the reduction and to see how you could benefit, click here.

For a great deal on your home insurance try Paddy Compare. By simply completing our one page home insurance quote form, Paddy will match your details up with a home insurance partner that is best placed to meet your needs. Our specialist will then contact you via telephone and email with competitive quotes. All you need to do is complete our online form and wait for the call.

Compare Life insurance and mortgage protection cover in Ireland in minutes at Paddy Compare!

Life insurance is easy at Paddy Compare and our new life insurance guide now makes it even easier. Our guide explains who and why you might need cover, how to work out how much cover you might need, the types of cover available and the costs involved. So if you think you might need life insurance but are struggling to understand what it really is, read our life insurance guide now.

Compare life insurance at Paddy Compare and let us help you protect your family.  Simply complete our online life insurance quote form and once complete our specialist life insurance brokers will contact you with tailored quotes to suit your circumstances. We offer you a completely free, independent service and we work with a range of life insurance and mortgage protection insurance brokers to bring you the best policies on the market. So put your mind at ease and speak to our specialists today.

Over 15 year old car insurance – Paddy Compare news!

Big news for motor car owners in Ireland with “old” cars as some insurers are insisting that they will not offer cover to new customers with vehicles registered in 2000 or older. Even if you hold a valid National Car Test (NCT) certificate that shows your vehicle is safe to drive, they still will not protect you. The insurers concerned are two of the biggest in Ireland, being Allianz and Aviva. WHY? They say, older vehicles, those over 15 years old, carry higher risk and often lead to fraudulent claims. Read more here.

At Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance from a range of specialists with just one form. Simply complete our car insurance quote form and we will put you in contact with a broker that is best placed to meet your needs. You can get car quotes for any vehicle and any age. It is free and easy to use, so give us a try today.

Irish car sales on the rise, 16% increase in May 15 – Paddy Compare news!

May proved to be a great month for car sales as it saw an increase of 16% on the same month last year. Approximately 9,000 new cars were sold during the month with the most popular vehicle make being the Volkswagen which made up 12% of the total sold and over 9,300 registrations. Other popular makes were Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Hyundai.

At Paddy Compare you can get compare car insurance with one short form. With car insurance on the rise it is even more important to compare prices to ensure that you get yourself the best deal possible. By answering a few short questions, Paddy will match your details up to a broker, best suited to your circumstances. Our car insurance specialists cover all vehicle types, so get a quick quote and get yourself a great deal today.

Over half a million don’t have life insurance in Ireland, do you?? – Paddy Compare news!

Do you have life insurance cover? If not, you are not alone, in fact you are one of around half a million people from across Ireland who don’t have life cover. Irish Life just launched a new campaign to raise awareness and have teamed up with the mother from the TV show Moone Boy, actress Deirdre O’Kane. In an interview she tells of how she isn’t the only mum who goes to extreme lengths to protect her kids, but the most important thing that you could to protect your family is to get the right life insurance.

At Paddy Compare you can compare life insurance from specialist life brokers from across the country in just one go. Simply complete our online life insurance quote form. Protect your family and get a quote today.

Toyota and Nissan to recall 6.5 million cars worldwide – Paddy Compare news!

Yes, you heard it right, more car recalls. Toyota and Nissan car makers are set to recall a total of 6.5 million cars worldwide to replace potentially faulty airbags as made by Japanese car parts maker Takata. Toyota will be recalling around 5 million cars to include Corolla, Vitz and other models manufactured from March 2003 to November 2007. Nissan will recall over 1.5 million cars with the same problem. Toyota and Nissan said they will be contact customers in the coming weeks.

There is no word yet of how many motorists this could affect from Ireland, if any. However, if you own a Toyota and are concerned about your car, you can use Toyota’s Recall Checker by clicking here to check if your vehicle is to be recalled. No matter what make or model of vehicle you must have insurance and get the right cover to protect you on the roads. At Paddy Compare you can compare car insurance for any car, nationwide with one form. Simply complete our car insurance quote form and our specialist car insurance partners will contact you with quotes that suit. So get a quote and get covered today.

Taxi fares increase & taximeter update extended to 22 May – Paddy Compare news!

The new Taxi Regulation Act 2013 (Maximum Fares) Order 2015 was launched last Thursday, 30 April 2015.  The Order brings in a number of changes including an average increase in fares of around 4%, simplification of the fare bands to just an A and B band, and a reduction in the initial hire charge with a corresponding decrease in distance and time meaning the meter will start after 500m or 85 seconds. There will be no change in standard and premium rates.

Taxi fare changes in Ireland 2015

Taxi fare changes in Ireland 2015

All taximeters should have been reprogrammed to support the new fare structure by 30 April 2015, however due to the difficulties in getting appointments with your installers the NTA has extended the date to 21 May 2015 for all vehicle licence holders. A fixed penalty of €250 will be issued from 22 May onwards for any drivers operating under the old regime.

Take action and contact your meter installer now. Once reprogrammed contact Applus on 01 413 5951 to get your meter checked and sealed.

At Paddy Compare you can compare taxi insurance from specialist taxi brokers across Ireland in just one go. Simply complete our one page taxi insurance form and we will put you in contact with brokers best suited to meet your needs based on your location, driving experience and vehicle history. Try Paddy Compare today.


National Maximum Taxi Fares Order 2015 – Paddy Compare Taxi Driver News!

News for all taxi drivers in Ireland. The National Maximum Taxi Fares Order 2015 will come into operation on 30 April 2015. The new Order will see an average increase of 4% on max taxi fares, simplification of the fare bands to just two an A and B and a reduction in the initial hiring charge. The taximeter will also start to increment from 500m as opposed to the current 1000m distance.
What do I need to do now? You will need to contact your meter installer to ensure that your meter can run dual programmes i.e. the existing fares up to 29th April and the new max fare structure from 30 April 2015. All meter installed programmes must be approved by the Legal Metrology Service. So book your taximeter verification test here now. For more details on the new Taxi Fares Order click here.
Compare cheap taxi insurance with Paddy Compare. We work with some of the best brokers in Ireland to bring you great deals on your taxi insurance nationwide.