Gardai increase trailer licence and insurance checks

New regulations for towing are causing confusion and problems for trailer owners as no licence means no insurance. If you hold a category B licence, you are ok, provided the maximum authorised mass (MAM) of the trailer is less than 750kg or where the MAM of the trailer is greater than 750kg but the MAM of the trailer and the towing vehicle combined is less than 3,500kg. The weight measurement includes the contents of the trailer. Therefore the category B licence does not permit you to tow a horsebox of livestock trailer as the combined weight would exceed 3,500kg. In this case you will need to apply and complete a driving test for a Category BE licence. For more details on finding the right licence, refer to the National Driver Licence Service.

In all cases you should ensure that you have the correct licence in place. If not, your motor insurance or jeep insurance may refuse to indemnify you in the case of an accident. The Gardai are clamping down on drivers towing trailers and conducting licence spot checks across the country. Try Paddy Compare for your car insurance, farm insurance or hosebox insurance.