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Builder Insurance from Paddy Compare

Builders can be involved in many projects, be self-employed, work for construction firms, be a sub contractor or run their own business, therefore each builders insurance policy can be very different.

Paddy Compare has recently launched it’s builder insurance service, to help you get the cheapest quotes on builders liability insurance. We are working with some fantastic brokers across Ireland, so try us today and see how much you can save!

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Public Liability Insurance

Facebook open new Dublin offices – Paddy Compare News!

Great news for Irish job seekers as Facebook in Ireland has just opened a 120,000 square foot office in the Grand Canal Square area of Dublin. The new office has the capacity to boost employee numbers from the current level of 500 to well over 1000. The managing director of Facebook in Ireland Ms Sonia Flynn stated in a recent interview with RTE News that the company is here to stay and keen to help redevelop the Irish economy.

If doesn’t matter if you own a large business or a small business, you will need the right business insurance to protect you and your company from claims by the public, customers and damages. At Paddy Compare you can compare business insurance from our specialist partner providers from across the country in just one click. Simply complete our public liability insurance quote form and our public liability insurance experts will be in touch with quotes tailored to suit you and your business. It only takes a matter of seconds and you could be saving big today.

Public Liability Insurance

Groupon creates 100 new jobs in Dublin – Paddy Compare news!

Groupon set to create up to 200 new jobs in Dublin. The e-commerce company is set to invest heavily in a new research and development center in the capital. The US multinational company started in 2009 and now operates in over 48 countries worldwide. Groupon offers discounted vouchers for use by the public at retailers across the country. The company plans to take on a further 100 highly skilled staff to bring it’s Irish base total to 200 employees. The project is well backed by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through IDA Ireland. You can find more information on the job opportunities at IDA Ireland. Let us know your thoughts on these new jobs and the Irish job market as a whole.
No matter what size your business is, Paddy Compare can help you find the right business and public liability insurance to suit. By completing our short public liability insurance quote form our specialist business insurance providers will contact you with a competitive tailored quote.

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Liability insurance for summer gardeners

Ireland has seen a strong spell of good weather over the last few weeks, and many green-fingered tradesmen are taking on some additional evening and weekend work, and putting their skills to good use.

Such work for neighbours, friends and family is usually of a casual nature. However, it is the gardener’s responsibility to consider adequate liability/tradesman insurance is in place to cover any damages to the public whilst carrying out their services, should something go wrong. Those carrying out services such as tree-felling may have higher premiums than those cutting grass, due to the additional risk.

Paddy Compare provides one short form which enables you to compare PL insurance from a wide range of liability insurers in Ireland. Make the most of your additional time with cost-effective tradesmen insurance, and see how much you could save.

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Public Liability Insurance: What is it, and do I need it?

Note that this article is for information only. Paddy Compare does not provide any legal advice relating to the purchase of any insurance product and you should speak to qualified persons before deciding on a policy for your needs.

Although public liability insurance isn’t usually a legal requirement, the nature of many businesses will bring their staff into contact with other people (the general public). Therefore, in law, a ‘duty of care’ is owed to these people. This should ensure that they, and their property, do not come to any harm as a result of your negligence.

However accidents do happen, and negligence by the business may result in damage or injury, and liability for any quantifiable loss. The cost of a claim for negligence can be substantial – thousands or millions of euros, but generally public liability insurance is available at a relatively small cost, to insure you against the risk of claims.

With the increasing number of ‘no win no fee’ lawyers, the numbers and values of claims are increasing, and some businesses don’t realise the requirement, or the importance of being covered. Some clients will insist on certain levels of cover, for example if you are cleaning for a local authority, or working in a government office, hospital or airport.

A business is not liable for every accident or damage that takes place within its property or whilst carrying out its day-to-day business. The claimant will have to prove that:

  • They were owed a duty of care by you
  • You failed to exercise that duty of care
  • They suffered a quantifiable loss as a result
  • The loss was a foreseeable result of the breach

There are hazards everywhere, but by reducing the consequence and the likelihood of these hazards occurring, you are reducing the risk, and hence contributing towards exercising your ‘duty of care’. In typical scenarios this may be by:

  • Displaying warning signs to warn of slippery surfaces or other hazard
  • Adequate training of staff
  • Security measures like CCTV, safes, locks, smoke detectors
  • Safe systems of work such as hoardings, scaffolding and welfare
  • Maintaining and regularly servicing equipment
  • Recording and communicating clearly

Public Liability cover is very specific, and it is important to be open with your insurance provider so as to purchase the correct policy. In order to limit the risk, insurance companies may place limitations on the activities you carry out, or the places in which you work, and you should carefully consider these before purchasing the policy. Your policy will probably be subject to an excess, so check that this is affordable before accepting the terms. You may need 3rd party cover, for example a photographer may need cover for damage caused to property whilst working away from their office.

Paddy Compare works with a number of public liability insurance brokers who can offer liability insurance for your specific needs. As well as our generic PL insurance form for fitness instructors, artists, car valeters, gardeners, window cleaners, painters, and arts and crafts, Paddy Compare also has specific links with insurers that provide insurance for shops, offices, pubs, tradesmen and salon owners. Whatever your insurance requirement, let Paddy Compare help you get in touch with someone who understands your insurance needs.

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Cheap PI, PL and tradesman insurance at Paddy Compare!

If you work freelance and have set up your own business as a sole trader or company, then it is very important to find the right freelance insurance for you and your business. At Paddy Compare you can compare professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and tradesman insurance all under one roof. We understand that running your own business is time consuming enough without searching the market for PI or PL insurance. So whether you need builders insurance, plumbers insurance, insurance for an accountant, solicitor or IT consultant, we can help. Simply complete our short online quote form and you could be saving today. So for cheap professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance or tradesman insurance in Ireland, try Paddy Compare now!

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Irish construction on the rise – Liability insurance at Paddy Compare!

Good news for the Irish construction industry as the latest figures in a report from Ulster Bank show a significant rise in total construction activity across the province. This marks some of the largest increases in activity over the last six to eight years. This boost in construction comes at a time when we start to see house prices rise again. UK house prices have nearly reached an all time average high of £245,000, while Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and us still remain well behind the peaks experienced during the property boom.

At Paddy Compare you can compare cheap public liability insurance for your business. You will need public liability insurance to protect you against claims from third parties for damages to them or property whilst on your premises. A level of public liability insurance is always required if you or your staff come into contact with members of the public. It doesn’t matter if you are based in Dublin, Galway, Cork or Limerick, our partner PL insurance providers quote nationwide. Simply use your liability insurance quote form and see how much you could save today.