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Irish construction on the rise – Liability insurance at Paddy Compare!

Good news for the Irish construction industry as the latest figures in a report from Ulster Bank show a significant rise in total construction activity across the province. This marks some of the largest increases in activity over the last six to eight years. This boost in construction comes at a time when we start to see house prices rise again. UK house prices have nearly reached an all time average high of £245,000, while Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and us still remain well behind the peaks experienced during the property boom.

At Paddy Compare you can compare cheap public liability insurance for your business. You will need public liability insurance to protect you against claims from third parties for damages to them or property whilst on your premises. A level of public liability insurance is always required if you or your staff come into contact with members of the public. It doesn’t matter if you are based in Dublin, Galway, Cork or Limerick, our partner PL insurance providers quote nationwide. Simply use your liability insurance quote form and see how much you could save today.