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Why get public liability insurance?

Let's talk about public liability insurance

Why public liability insurance?

We all know accidents can happen, and if you own a business then the risks are higher. As a business owner you have a duty of care not to cause injury to any third party or cause damage to any third party property. If an accident does happen then having a public liability policy in place will cover you against claims made by such third parties. Public liability insurance in Ireland is not typically compulsory so it is up to you. Even small claims can cost up to €10,000 and be settled in court - is it really worth the risk of not having cover in place?

Are you a public liability owner?

What does public liability insurance cover?

A public liability policy will defend you against claims made from members of the public for injury caused to them or damage to their property whilst carrying out your business trade. This may be for accidental damage to property or individuals (including death) whilst at your premises, or caused by your business activities. Say for example a customer slips and falls while visiting your workplace. That customer is entitled to sue you as the accident was a direct result of your business activities. However, if you have the right public liability insurance, any medical costs, legal fees or compensation to the third party will be covered by the insurance company.

What level of cover do I need?

In Ireland the public liability insurance limits usually start at around €2.5m for small businesses and go to up €6.5million and beyond if required. How do you know the level of cover needed? You should think carefully about the level of cover that you need and discuss this in detail with one of our trusted advisers as being under insured could be as costly as being uninsured. Businesses most at risk are those that have frequent visiting customers or if your business carries out work at a client's premises. A few high risk examples could include shops, clubs, pubs, factories or premises where heavy plant and machinery operates.

What extras can be added?

Popular add-ons would include employers' liability and product liability insurance. Employers' liability cover usually provides indemnity up to a standard limit of €13 million for up to 6 or 8 employees. This will cover you against claims made by your employees. Product liability insurance will protect you against claims made for the installation of faulty fitted goods or applications. A more general business insurance policy may be suited to you if you perform a number of trades. The most common claims would be trips, slips and falls.

How much does public liability insurance cost?

The cost of cover will vary considerably and depend on the size of your business, annual turnover, number of employees, nature of the work and trade performed, and you claims history etc. Annual premiums can cost from as little as €150 and could be as much as several thousand euros. It is therefore important to discuss your business requirements in detail with your broker.

Why Paddy Compare for public liability insurance in Ireland?

Comparing liability insurance quotes is easy with Paddy Compare. Simply complete our one page online PL insurance quote form and Paddy's partner brokers will contact you directly with tailored quotes that suit you and your business. It doesn't matter what type of business you run, we cover all trade types and all sizes of business. So if you own an IT business in Cork, Accountancy firm in Dublin or a small clothes shop in Galway, Paddy can help you get cheap public liability insurance today.

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What are the main types of public liability insurance occupations covered?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual business needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right public liability insurance cover today.

Accountants insurance

If you are an accountant and either visit your client premises or have client's visit your office, you will need public liability insurance. Limit of cover will depend on your exposure to risk up to €6.5million.

Builders insurance

Get public liability insurance and cover your building trade, your employees and your livelihood. Cover can start from as little as €500.

Construction insurance

Work in construction? Given the risks involved with construction work which often can involve the use of heavy machinery, it is very important to get public liability cover against any potential claims.

Electrical contractor insurance

Are you an electrical contractor? Electrical work can be considered high risk and involve the use of wires etc. An accident could happen and if someone gets injured a claim could be very costly to you and your business.

Carpenters' insurance

Need joiner insurance? Your place of work is usually in the home of your customer and accidents can happen. For example you could drop your tools damaging tiled floors beyond repair. Claims can be costly.

Painter insurance

Paint and decorate for a living? If so, then you should consider public liability insurance. This will cover the costs of accidents, for example if you fall off a ladder or spill paint over a customer's property.

  • How do you compare tradesman insurance in Ireland?

    Simply complete our one page online quote form and let Paddy search the market for you. Our trusted public liability insurance partners will contact you directly with quotes. Start saving today.

  • What details will I need to get a quote?

    In order to get a public liability insurance quote online you will need to have the details of your business to hand, to include annual turnover, number of employees, trade occupations, and the level of liability cover required.

  • Is Public liability insurance compulsory in Ireland?

    No, public liability insurance is not compulsory in Ireland however it is strongly recommended in order to protect you and your business against claims made by third parties. The right policy will also cover the settlement and legal costs.

  • Are unpaid helpers covered by public liability insurance?

    No, you will require employers' liability insurance to cover all unpaid and paid helpers as they are all considered to be employees.

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