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Why get taxi insurance?

Let's talk about taxi insurance

Why taxi insurance?

Taxi insurance in Ireland is a must in order to protect you, your vehicle, your business and livelihood and taxi insurance is a specialist policy that does just that. Driving a taxi usuaully involves covering much greater mileage than that of a standard car, and driving at night in conjested City areas. This increases the risk of accident and thus it is vital to ensure you have got the right protection in place. The fact that you will be driving passengers from A to B also increases your risk of liability.

Are you a taxi owner?

What level of cover do I need?

A taxi insurance will provide cover for your vehicle and passenger liability insurance as a standard in each policy. This will protect you and your customers in the event of an accident while at work. Taxi insurance cover can also include a range of optional extras such as: breakdown cover; windscreen cover; personal accident cover; 24 hour assistance; key cover; legal protection; and vehicle repairs. There are a lot of options available, therefore always ensure to discuss it in detail with our specialist.

How much does taxi insurance cost?

The three main factors in determing the cost of your taxi insurance policy include: the vehicle make and model; the size of your vehicle and the number of passengers that it can carry; and the annual mileage. The insurer will also take into account your past driving experience or convictions, level of no claims bonus, and the area in which you do your driving, for example, whether you drive your taxi in Dublin or Galway City, or in a remote town in Donegal or Sligo.

What does taxi insurance not cover?

Your taxi insurance policy in Ireland will not provide cover for an accident if you were driving outside of the area written into your policy terms. It will also not provide cover for theft of your vehicle if you leave your keys in it, and some insurers do not provide quotes for drivers under 25 years old.

What is the difference between taxi, hackney and limousine insurance?

Taxis, hackneys and limousines are licenced to carry passengers but each can provide different services. Taxis can be pre-booked, pick up passengers at the roadside, or wait in taxi-ranks for passengers. All taxis drivers must follow the rules and guidance set out by the National Taxi Authority (NTA), particularly around taxi fare rules, be fitted with a taximeter, display signage and give receipts. Hackneys can be pre-booked only unless the driver has obtained a Local Authority Hackey licence, and prices must be arranged in advance. Hackey drivers must display their licence on the dashboard and be able to provide passenger receipts. Limousines should be suited for ceremoines, must be pre-booked and prices arranged in advance. Whether you need taxi insurance, hackney insurance or limousine insurance in Ireland depends therefore on your vehicle type and the services you provide. Each policy is tailored to suit.

Why Paddy Compare for taxi insurance in Ireland?

Whether you need taxi insurance for your own saloon vehicle in Cork or require hackney taxi insurance for your black cab in Dublin, Paddy can help. By completing our one page taxi insurance online quote form, Paddy will match your details up local specialist taxi brokers who will then contact you with a competitive quote.

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What other types of taxi insurance and add ons are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual taxi motoring needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right taxi insurance cover today.

Hackney insurance

Single vehicle insurance is simply another name for taxi insurance. Our partners have access to some of the best prices in Ireland.

Minicab insurance

Hackneys must be pre booked and with prices arranged in advance, there is no maximum fare. Our partner brokers can provide you with cheap hackney insurance quotes in Ireland.

Limousine insurance

Our partner brokers have extensive experience in providing limousine insurance quotes.

Taxi rental

Taxi rental insurance has developed in recent years, whereby you, the taxi driver rents the vehicle from the ultimate owner, however you are the primary user of the vehicle for taxi business purposes.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Perhaps you have availed of the Wheelchair Accessible Grant Scheme and purchases a vehicle. If you own a Wheelchair accessible vehicle, our partner taxi insurance brokers can help you get quotes.

Taxi fleet

If you own a taxi fleet it is important to ensure you have the right cover in place for all of your vehicles and business needs.

  • What is an SPSV?

    An SPSV is a small public service vehicle which can carry up to 8 passengers. A taxi, hackney and limousine are all SPSVs. To drive an SPSV you need a special licence and the vehicle must be licenced to carry passengers.

  • What do I need to provide to get a taxi insurance quote?

    You will need a copy of your driving licence, your SPSV licence details, your plate licence details, your no claims bonus details, the make and serial number of your taximeter where appliable, and your contact details.

  • Are my passengers covered in the event of an accident?

    Yes, a taxi insurance policy will protect your passengers in the event of an accident. Always discuss the details in full with your broker.

  • Can I get insurered if I am a first time taxi driver?

    Yes, everyone needs to start somewhere. Our partner taxi insurance brokers have policies available that are suited to new entrants looking to get started in the taxi industry. Have you’re the details of your past driving experience to hand and get a quote today.

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