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Why get static caravan insurance?

Let's talk about static caravan insurance

Why static caravan insurance?

Static caravan insurance in Ireland keeps your holiday home covered and is closer to a home insurance policy given the static nature of the structure. A static caravan is a semi-permanent structure, which is fitted with an external water and electricity supply, and usually kept on a caravan site. A static caravan is a signifiant investment, with some statics and lodges costing in excess of €100k and come with double glazing, a pitched roof, and all the comforts now as standard. Therefore it is important to ensure that you have the right cover in place.

Are you a static caravan owner?

What type of cover do I need?

A static caravan insurance policy in Ireland is somewhat similar to a home insurance policy, and if your caravan is located on a dedicated caravan site or park, you may need to have insurance in place from the day it is positioned on the site as part of the terms and conditions. The typical policy will cover for fire, theft, and storm and flood damage. You can also obtain cover for your contents that will protect your fixtures and fittings and appliances. Our partner caravan specialists cover all makes and models to include ABI, Willerby, Swift, and Carnaby.

What is covered?

There are two main cover options for your static caravan. Firstly, New for old, if your caravan is damaged beyond repair or stolen, the policy will pay out the equivalent cost of the brand new caravan provided the sum insured reflects that value. Market value cover will pay out the market rate for a caravan of similar age and condition at the time of damage or when it is stolen. Contents cover is a common optional extra.

How much does static caravan insurance cost?

The cost of static caravan insurance can be as little as €150 per annum but will depend on a number of factors such as: the make and model of the caravan; the age of your caravan; the contents in your caravan; the length of cover you choose; the excess amount on your policy; where your caravan is parked; the claim history; and its security features.

How do I make caravan insurance cheaper?

Caravan insurance can be expensive but there are ways to try and reduce the cost. You may be eligible to get a discount on your caravan insurance if you have had no previous claims and have built up a no claims bonus. You should also share the detais of your security features, and discounts may be availble if you have an alarm. It is also important to shop around and compare prices with Paddy Compare.

Why Paddy Compare for static caravan insurance in Ireland?

At Paddy Compare we work with a range of static caravan insurance specialist brokers that can cover all types makes and models and have experience providing quotes. Our partners will contact you directly via telephone to confirm your details, discuss your requirements and provide you with a cheap quote.

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What other types of static caravan insurance add-ons are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual caravan needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right static caravan insurance cover today.

Fire damage

Your policy will cover against fire and smoke damage to your caravan. You should always have a smoke alarm installed.

Theft or burglary

Burglaries and thefts can be common, particular over the off-peak seasons when less people are around the site. It is important to get covered.

Flood or storm damage

Flood and storm damage can be common as if your caravan is located at the coast, winds can be strong and can cause damage.

Contents insurance

You can get cover for your caravan contents, such as TVs, appliances and other furniture and fittings.

Loss of key cover

Losing a key can happen, and can be costly to replace. Key cover will cover the costs of replacement.

Legal protection

You can get covered financially for the cost of any legal claims or proceedings.

  • What do I need to get a quote?

    In order to get a static caravan quote you will need details of your caravan, make, model, width, length, number of bedrooms, and security features. You will need to provide details of the caravan site where it is located. You will also need to provide your personal contact details.

  • Can I get insurance if I live in the caravan?

    Yes you can get insurance cover if your caravan is your permanent home. Discuss the details with one of our caravan specialists.

  • Does my home insurance cover the items in my caravan?

    Some items may be covered such as your clothing and items that you also keep at home. The fixtures and furniture and appliances that are associated with your caravan will not be covered.

  • Can my friends and family use the caravan?

    The right policy should allow you to get cover for your family and friends. You should discuss this with one of our trusted caravan insurance specialists as some static caravan holiday parks may only allow the named owner to use the caravan. You may also not be allowed to rent your caravan out to a third party and will not be covered.