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Why get pet insurance?

Let's talk about pet insurance

Why pet insurance?

Pets, plain and simple are one of the family, and often like another child. You have to feed them, care for them, walk them and watch them grow. Pet insurance in Ireland is a must to protect your pet should they suffer an illness or injury. Considering the amounts that you spend on treats, toys and food, paying for pet insurance is worthwhile to cover the costs of any unexpected VET treatment bills should your pet fall ill or get injured. At Paddy Compare you get can get dog and cat insurance quotes from our trusted pet insurance experts from across Ireland. Pet insurance will give you that peace of mind knowing that your four-legged companions are well protected. You will have comfort in knowing that you will have help when covering their treatment and the vet bills so you can focus on the important part of getting your pawsome pal well again.

Are you a pet owner?

What type of cover do I need?

What pet policy you will need will depend largely on the type of pet, age and level of cover required. Policies would normally include treatment for unforeseen illnesse, accidents and injuries- where pet insurance will help towards your vet bills, boarding fees for kennels or catteries if you find yourselves having to spend more than 4 nights in hospital, third party cover (dogs only)- if your pet causes any accidental damage to a third party, you will be cover if they decide to take action against you, missing pets- if your pet goes missing or is stolen, advertising can be covered under Pet Insurance, and if the sad time comes for your pet to be put to sleep, your pet insurance will cover euthanasia. You should note that owners of pets know that standard vaccinations, neutering, routine check-ups, dental treatment and pre-existing conditions are not normally included in most policies.

What is covered?

Pet insurance protects all different types of furry friends, some of the main cover types have been listed below. Firstly, Lifetime Cover- even though it is usually the most expensive, it is certainly the most popular, your pet will be insured for their whole life span. Maximum Benefit Cover- this is where a maximum amount of money is offered to cover each illness or injury that your pet suffers, once this amount has been used, the treatment will not be covered again. Time Limited Cover- this is when you would cover your pet for a certain period of time, most common being 12 months, to cover mainly accidents or illnesses that are short-term. Accident Only- This will cover your vet bills only if your pet has been injured through an accident. Whilst in the short-term, it is the cheapest type of pet insurance available, it does not cover for any illness your fluffy friend might have.

How much does pet insurance cost?

The cost of your pet insurance will depend on a number of factors, namely the type of cover you want, the type of pet you have, the breed of your pet and if there are any current medical conditions. Most brokers will offer three different levels of cover, an essentials cover which typically covers claims for veterinary fees up to €2,000 and third party liability claims for dogs. A premium level of cover which usually covers your pet for accident or injury for up to 12 months and veterinary bills of up to €3,000. A premium plus level which provides even further cover over the lifetime of the policy. The choice is yours, but speak to one of our specialist pet brokers today to help you decide.

How do I get cheaper pet insurance quotes?

There are a number of other factors that might help reduce the cost of your pet insurance, including: If you have more than one pet, you can buy Multi-Pet Insurance as some providers offer a discount if you take out more than one pet insurance policy with the, microchipping your pet can help get cheaper pet insurance as there is an extra security around your furry friend, ensuring your pet is kept up to date with their Vaccinations can also reduce the premium, if you can afford to increase your excess then this can lower your premium. Most importantly, try and your pet healthy, and avoid feeding them human food where possible.

Why Paddy Compare for pet insurance in Ireland?

Need Pet Insurance in Ireland? At Paddy Compare you can get cheap pet insurance quotes by simply completing our online page pet insurance quote form. Our partner brokers will then contact you to discuss your pet needs and provide you with a cheap quote. We know how important it is to protect your pets, so get pet insurance quotes today.

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What other types of pet insurance covers are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual pet needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right pet insurance cover today.

Dog insurance

Dog insurance in Ireland will protect your canine if they get ill or injured and help cover the costs of veterinary bills.

Cat Insurance

Cat insurance in ireland will cover your pet if they get ill or injured. Cats can be independent but they will always come back home.

Multi-pet insurance

If you have a cat and a dog, or even two dogs or cats, a multi pet insurance policy may be well suited to you and provide you with a discount.

Third party liability for dogs

Third party liability for dogs up to €250,000 may be available to protect you in the event your dog causes injury or damage to a third party or their property.

Theft or straying cover

Theft or straying cover will provide the purchase price for your pet if they cannot be found within 45 days of being stolen or strayed.

Veterinary fee cover

Veterinary fees will be covered up to €4,000 should the worst happen and you pet require an operation or veterinary care.

  • Can I get pet insurance for a pet of any age?

    Our partner brokers will be able first cover your pet from 8 weeks old up to 6 years old. If you continue to renew your policy your broker will be able to continue to provide your cover for the life of your pet.

  • Does pet insurance cover vaccinations and routine items?

    No, routine veterinary costs for vaccines and check-ups will not be covered. These are very important for your pet, and you should ensure your pet's health is kept up to date. If your pet becomes ill as a result of not having a routine vaccination, the veterinary bill will likely not be covered.

  • Are any discounts available for more than one pet?

    Yes, multi-pet insurance policies are available which will help reduce the costs of having to separate policies.

  • What details do I need to get a pet quote?

    You will need to have the details of your pet to hand, including your own contact details to enable our partner brokers to contact you with quotes.