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What is critical illness cover?

Critical illness, or serious illness cover, is an insurance policy which will pay out a fixed sum should you become critically ill during the term of the policy. You can use this payment as you wish - to cover mortgage payments, help look after your dependants or pay for health-related costs whilst you get better.

Different types of cover

Different types of critical illness cover are available; level term and decreasing term.

With level term cover, you choose the cover amount and how long you want the cover to run for. The amount of cover and the amount you pay each month stays the same until your policy ends. You may wish to choose for the payout to increase in line with inflation.

With decreasing term cover, you pay a smaller amount each month, but the amount of cover reduces to zero throughout the policy term. You may wish to consider this option to pay off a mortgage or other loans.

If you are unsure about which type of cover you would like, our partner insurance broker will talk through the options with you.

What illnesses will it cover?

The most common claims are for cancer, but the policy may cover illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, MS, kidney failure, coronary artery by-pass grafts and Parkinson's disease. The details of what is covered will vary by policy, so it's best to carefully read your policy documents and ask the insurance broker any queries you may have when they call you.

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