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Do you own three or more vehicles? If so then you could benefit from finding the right motor fleet insurance policy. With individual vehicle insurance policies on the rise, you could make considerable savings by getting motor fleet insurance cover. You will also benefit from the added flexibility of having one policy as opposed to multiple vehicle insurance policies. At Paddy Compare you can quickly compare motor fleet insurance from providers across Ireland in one go.

Why motor fleet insurance?

We understand the costs involved in purchasing and running a fleet of vehicles. That's why it is essential to find the right motor fleet insurance cover to protect your vehicles and drivers whilst on the roads. A good motor fleet insurance policy will insure against damage to your vehicles, third party vehicles, property and persons. Optional extras may be added to your policy such as foreign travel, contents cover and any driver cover.

The cost of your motor fleet premium will be based on several factors such as the number of vehicles, the type of vehicle, the drivers and the use of the vehicles. Our partner fleet insurers are experts in providing motor fleet cover for all types and sizes of multi vehicle fleets to include cars, vans, lorry, trucks, minibuses, coaches, taxi fleets, couriers and much more.

How to get motor fleet insurance quotes?

Getting motor fleet insurance quotes at Paddy Compare is easy. Simply complete our one page motor fleet insurance quote form and we will match your details with specialist fleet providers. Our trusted insurers will then contact you with competitive motor fleet quotes, tailored to suit your business. It doesn't matter if you need business car insurance, commercial fleet insurance, HGV fleet insurance or taxi fleet insurance, we can help. So for cheap motor fleet insurance for any number or type of vehicles, try Paddy Compare today.

Why Paddy Compare?

  • Compare prices from local specialists
  • Free and no obligation service
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Simple one-page quote forms
  • Save money on your insurance
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