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What you get with Paddy Compare Car insurance?

We will do the hard work for you and put you in contact with Car insurance brokers that are ready to help and provide you with great quotes.

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Know more about car insurance in Ireland so you can make an informed decision and get the most suitable policy with Paddy Compare.

Q1. Why do you need car insurance?

Car insurance is a legal requirement to drive on Irish roads. It is meant to protect you against liability in the event of an accident whether you are found to be responsible for the accident or not. It provides financial compensation to cover any injuries caused to people or their property.

Q2. What type of car insurance do you need?

The best car insurance for you is one that is affordable and covers what you need. Which one you choose depends on the level of cover you’re looking for and your budget.


This is the most extensive coverage you can get. It includes:

  • Repair or replacement costs if your car is damaged or written off.
  • Cover if your car's stolen or catches fire.
  • Claims made against you for people, passengers, and their property.
  • A courtesy car while your car is being repaired and legal expenses.
  • Roadside recovery schemes.

Third-Party (only)

This is the most basic level of cover and is a legal requirement. It includes:

  • Cover for damage you cause to other people, passengers, or their property.
  • No cover for you or your car.
  • No claim if your car’s stolen, damaged, or catches fire.
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Third-Party (Fire & Theft)

Same cover as third-party, covers if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire. It includes:

  • Cover for damage to other people, passengers, or their property.
  • Cover if car gets stolen or damaged by fire.
  • If you’re responsible for an accident, it won’t cover repairs to your vehicle or your own medical costs.
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Q3. How much does car insurance cost?

Insurers use statistics to calculate how likely you are to make a claim on your car insurance – and that's what sets the price.The cost of car insurance also varies depending on your age. Other factors include - Claims history, where you live, make and model of your vehicle, value of the car, and level of cover required.



*data collected in December 2021

Third-Party (only)


*data collected in December 2021

Third-Party (Fire & Theft)


*data collected in December 2021

Q4. How can I get cheaper car insurance?

Car insurance can be expensive, here are some tips that can help you save money.

Pay Annually

Avoid interest and finance arrangement fees by paying upfront rather than paying monthly.

Avoid Modifications

The cost will depend on the vehicle make and the engine size of your car, and it is best to avoid modifications. Sporty cars with large engines also tend to cost more to insure.

Build Up A Bonus

Avoid claiming on small repairs and build up a no-claims bonus that you should protect as soon as possible.

Strengthen Securities

Adding alarms and immobilizers can reduce the chances of theft — you may also get a discount for having these in some cases.

Avoid Auto-Renewing

You should compare prices, get quotes online, and avoid auto-renewing.

Add An Expert To Your Policy

Some insurers offer discounts if you add an experienced named driver to your policy.

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What to consider when choosing car insurance

Buying car insurance in Ireland can be expensive, save money on your insurance with these tips.

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The Cover

Plans and prices differ depending on the cover you require. Like anything consumer-related, shopping around is always the best practice.

The Excess

The amount you have to pay towards a claim. Paying a higher excess can result in paying a substantially lower premium, and vice versa.

Roadside Assistance

Breakdown assistance guarantees a helping hand should your car break down while out on the road and can be a great comfort to drivers.

Step-Back Bonus Protection

The amount of your bonus that you lose depends on what’s called the ‘step back rate’ and will be outlined in your insurance policy document provided by your insurer.

24-Hour Helpline

A helpline should be used to report a claim, even in the case of a minor accident, and should be provided by companies as a standard.

Hidden Fees and Charges

Some car insurance providers might quote a really good price upfront, but then add on things like a set-up or an administration fee which could shoot up your premium.

Add-Ons, Upgrades and Additional Cover Options

Breakdown Cover

You can cover the costs of calling out a recovery vehicle or mechanic in the event of a breakdown on the roads.

Windscreen Cover

Windscreen cover pays out for the costs of repairing or replacing windows since they can crack easily.

Key Cover

Key replacement can be costly, particularly if you have a immobiliser. Key cover will pay the costs of key replacement should you misplace or lose your keys.

No Claims Discount Cover

You can cover against the costs of calling out a recovery vehicle or mechanic in the event of a breakdown on the roads. a breakdown on the roads.

Legal Protection

This covers the costs of any legal expenses in the event of a claim or accident.

Business Use

This type of add-on will cover you in the event of an accident for business use and driving whilst at work.

List of Important Documents needed to get Car Insurance

Once your policy has been set up, a number of documents are needed in order to send out your certificate disc of insurance.

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Proof of no claims bonus

Licenses for all drivers on the policy

Copy of your NCT

Tax certificate

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  • Do I receive a replacement vehicle if my car is being repaired or stolen?

    This depends on the situation and your insurance company. Your car insurance will probably not cover the cost of a replacement vehicle if your car is written off or stolen, but they may arrange for a courtesy car for a few days.

  • Does windscreen cover come as standard?

    This benefit generally comes as standard in Comprehensive car insurance policies. If you have a Third-Party Fire and Theft car insurance policy, you will have the option to add this additional cover for a fee.

  • Am I eligible to drive another person's car?

    Yes, you can drive other people’s cars on most car insurance policies sold in Ireland. But, you need your own car insurance policy in your own name to have cover.

  • What is car insurance excess?

    A policy excess is an amount you agree to pay towards a claim.

    It is the amount you pay towards the claim, and the insurance company will pay the balance up to a limit outlined in your policy document.

    The excess amount for car insurance in Ireland generally ranges from €250 to €1,000.

  • What does car insurance not cover?

    A basic car insurance policy won't cover wear and tear, people who regularly drive your car but aren't listed on your policy, and driving on a ridesharing platform.

  • How has coronavirus impacted car insurance?

    Most insurers appreciate that coronavirus has had a huge impact on people's lives, both physically and financially, and therefore have been trying their best to support their customers during this time. Policy features for essential workers and volunteers are no available. COVID-19 made more people stay and work from home, and therefore many were spending less time on the roads. The guidance also meant changes to vehicle testing and how you can learn to drive. Car insurance prices are generally on the rise, and you should always discuss your policy in full with your broker.

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