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Why get wedding insurance?

Let's talk about wedding insurance

Why wedding insurance?

From ripped wedding gowns to cancelled venues, we have all heard the horror stories people have gone through on what is meant to be one of the best days of their lives. By simply having wedding insurance in Ireland the stress can be reduced meaning you are not out of pocket as a result of such events. Whether you are looking for wedding cancellation insurance or cover for your reception, at Paddy Compare we aim to provide couples with a hassle free service to help you receive the best deal on your wedding insurance.

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What level of cover do I need?

Wedding insurance in Ireland gives you financial protection should things go wrong before, during and after your big day. With the average wedding costing around €20,000, wedding insurance is a must. Each Policy will vary, but generally wedding liability insurance will include cancellation or rearrangement of the wedding or reception due to accidents etc. and damage to the wedding dresses, retake of photographs, loss of wedding rings, failure to receive or damage to the flowers and cake, wedding cars, wedding video, essential documents, personal liability and legal expenses. Certain policies can even cover weddings taking place outside of Ireland.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

You can get wedding insurance cover online for as little as €50 for cancellation cover up to €5,000. You can typically increase the price by €50 for every additional €5,000 of cancellation cover required. Either way it is a small price to pay should you need to cancel the big day!!

What does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance covers the cost of cancellations and rearranging the wedding and reception due to illness or bereavement within the wedding party or if a key supplier has went out of business. Most policies will provide cover for loss or damage due to accident, fire or theft of the wedding dresses, presents, cake, rings and flowers. Some policies also provide cover for retaking photographs, videos and wedding car breakdowns.

What is not covered?

The honeymoon will not be covered, nor will your engagement ring. Your insurance will not pay out if the worst happens and the other half doesn't show up, and so you wish to cancel your plans.

Why Paddy Compare for wedding insurance in Ireland?

At Paddy Compare we work with a range of specialist wedding insurance brokers in Ireland that can cover you against all eventualities. Simply complete our one page quote form and let our wedding insurance brokers contact you directly with quotes.

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  • Wedding insurance and coronavirus

    Everything has changed since COVID-19 entered our lives. Many insurers will have extra rules around wedding insurance and coronavirus in Ireland, therefore it is very important to discuss this in detail with your broker before purchasing a policy.

  • Can I get cover for bad weather?

    Most providers will not cover you for bad weather but if the venue has been damaged due to flood or extreme weather you should be protected.

  • Other ways to get cover?

    Your home insurance policy may have a clause that covers weddings or your engagement rings. However, it is important to discuss these details with your broker. You could also be protected if you make the purchases using your credit card and be able to get your money back under the Consumer Credit Act should something go wrong. Always check with your credit card provider.

  • When should I buy wedding insurance?

    You should get wedding insurance as soon as you start spending your money. You can get cover for up to 2 years in advance of the wedding.

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