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Why get van insurance?

Let's talk about van insurance

Who needs van insurance?

Commercial van insurance in Ireland is a legal requirement, and so it is mandatory if you want to drive your van on the roads. If you are a business owner, for example a builder, tradesman, or electrician and use your van for your trade then you will need a commercial van insurance policy. If you own a van for personal use, then you will need a private van insurance policy.

Are you a van owner?

What type of van insurance do I need?

There are three main levels of van cover which includes fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party. Fully comprehensive provides complete protection covering you and your van for damage, repairs, fire and theft, aswell as damage to someone else, their vehicle or property. Third party fire and theft van insurance covers your vehicle if stolen or damaged by fire. Third party van insurance is the minimum legal requirement, and covers injury to others, and damage to their property and vehicles. There are number of different policies available on the market such as commercial or business van insurance, young driver van insurance, van insurance for convicted drivers, courier van insurance and temporary van insurance.

What impacts the cost of van insurance?

Van insurance in Ireland is getting more expensive and so it is the right time to shop around. The main factors in determining the cost of your van insurance will be the make, model, engine size, security, annual mileage and the intended use. Higher value vehicles and older vehicles may cost more due to their greater replacement value or maybe more accident prone. Having a clean driving licence will usually reduce your premium, particularly if you have built up a no claims bonus. Discounts may also be offered if you increase your excess, limit your mileage and ensure your van is properly secured. Be careful though as sometimes the cheapest policy is not always the best option for you. You could also save money if you pay in one go as opposed to paying monthly.

What is covered?

Usually a commercial van insurance policy will cover all van makes and models, jeeps and pickups, and even trucks up to 3.5 tonnes in weight. As mentioned you will have to select from either a fully comp, third party fire and theft, or a third party policy which will cover you for various circumstances. A social, domestic and pleasure policy will provide basic cover for your van as long as you do not use it commercially. Carriage of own goods cover is applicable for business vans and will cover your contents as long as these are explained to your insurer. Haulage and courier cover protects vans that deliver and carry goods for others. Open drive is also available and will allow anyone over 25 with a full EU license to drive your van.

What details do I need to get van insurance quotes?

You will need to have the following details on-hand: your personal details including your occupation; your vehicle make and model, age, mileage and registration; your business details; your driving history including any no claims bonus details; and confirm the type of cover you want.

Why Paddy Compare for van insurance in Ireland?

Paddy Compare makes finding cheap van insurance quotes easy. Forget about your endless search of different websites and insurers. Here at Paddy Compare you can search the whole van insurance Ireland market in one go. By entering a few details on our simple van insurance comparison form, Paddy will match your details up with commercial vehicle insurance brokers who will then contact you with competitive van insurance quotes. It's free, easy to use and you could be saving money today.

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What extras can you get with van insurance in Ireland?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual van dirving needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right van insurance cover today.

Breakdown cover

You can cover against the costs of calling out a recovery vehicle or mechanic in the event of your van breaking down on the roads.

Legal cover

This will cover the costs of any legal expenses that arise after an accident with your van that wasn’t your fault.

Trailer cover

If you own a trailer you can get it covered for damages by a third party. More comprehensive cover may be more expensive.

Windscreen cover

A windscreen is easily cracked by a stone which can be kicked up from the road when driving behind a larger vehicle. Windscreen cover for your van pays out for costs of repairing or replacing the window.

Wrong fuel cover

Yes it can happen, putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle is easily done but not easily fixed once the engine is started. This cover can help with the costs in such circumstances.

Public liability cover

Public liability cover covers vans used in the business for injury to members of the public whilst using the van for business purposes.

  • Can I get van insurance for more than one van?

    Yes you can get cover for multiple vans, and you may wish to consider a motor fleet policy which could provide you with further flexibility and benefits.

  • Can I get cover for my tools in the van?

    Yes, but you will have to discuss this with your broker and ensure that the details and value of your van contents and tools are included on the policy.

  • Will my job affect my van insurance premium?

    Yes, your occupation will impact the cost of your insurance. And as most vans are used by tradesman linked to higher risk occupations such as construction and freight the cost is likely to be higher.

  • What is open drive?

    Open drive allows other drivers with a full licence to drive the vehicle with the permission of the policyholder. It is up to the policyholder to ensure that the driver has the appropriate licence and to maintain records. This is suitable where you have a team of drivers or workers needing access to the vehicle.

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