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Your van is likely to be important to you and your business, therefore it makes sense to take out the appropriate van insurance. Paddy Compare aims to help a full range of van owners in all situations find the best deal on their van insurance.

Do I need van insurance?

It is illegal not to have van insurance and if caught will be subject to a penalty fine. There are three main levels of van cover which includes fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party. Fully comprehensive provides complete protection whereas third party is the cheapest and minimum level of cover required by law. There are number of different policies available on the market such as commercial or business van insurance, young driver van insurance, van insurance for convicted drivers, courier van insurance and temporary van insurance.

Van insurance quotes in Ireland are getting more expensive and so it is the right time to shop around. The main factors in determining the cost of your van insurance will be the make, model, engine size, security, annual mileage and the intended use. Discounts may be offered for greater driving experience, older vehicles or vans with fitted alarm systems.

How to get van insurance quotes at Paddy Compare?

Paddy Compare makes finding cheap van insurance quotes easy. Forget about your endless search of different websites and insurers. Here at Paddy Compare you can search the whole van insurance Ireland market in one go. By entering a few details on our simple van insurance comparison form, Paddy will match your details up with commercial vehicle insurance brokers and van insurers who will then contact you with competitive van insurance quotes. It's free, easy to use and you could be saving money today.

Why Paddy Compare?

  • Compare prices from local specialists
  • Free and no obligation service
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Simple one-page quote forms
  • Save money on your insurance
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