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Get to know about specialised van insurance deals and policies

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  • 24 August 2023

Apart from the standard types of van insurance, there are some specially designed deals and policies meant to cater to certain situations, businesses, needs, etc. These might suit you better than the standard van insurance deals.

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What are some popular van insurance deals and policies?

Specialised deals and policies are tailored to specific usages, businesses, and requirements. Based on the prevalent needs and demands, these are some popular van insurance deals:

  • Van fleet insurance
  • Business pick-up trucks insurance
  • Any driver van insurance
  • Specialist van insurance
  • Multi van insurance
  • Haulage (goods in transit insurance)
  • Courier (goods for hire/reward)
  • Carriage of own goods

What is van fleet insurance?

If you run a business with more than one van, getting them all individually insured can be a headache. Van fleet insurance covers two or more of your vehicles under the same policy.

Van fleet insurance helps you to:

  • Optimise your fleet management by encompassing all company vehicles under a centralised policy.
  • Provide consistent coverage across your fleet irrespective of fleet size, hence simplified administration.
  • In many cases, a fleet policy can also be a cheaper option than business van insurance or even standard van insurance.

Be it for transportation or service provision, all your business vans remain protected against unforeseen circumstances with van fleet insurance.

What is business pick-up truck insurance?

Pick-up trucks are generally used for commercial purposes like hauling cargo, transporting goods, and towing trailers. They serve multiple purposes from construction work to personal transportation and are known for their versatility and ruggedness.

The business pick-up truck insurance is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for your business truck, your tools, and your cargo.

The right policy for you depends on your vehicle and your usage. To get a business pick-up truck insurance, you will need to provide details like

  • Whether it's a modified pick-up.
  • If there's a tipping unit.
  • If it carries hazardous goods.
  • If it has a refrigeration unit.
  • Whether it's a single or double cab, the number of seats it has.

What is any-driver van insurance?

The any-driver van insurance policy allows all authorised team members to operate the insured van, eliminating the need for naming the drivers on the policy.

However, the insurance company can put criteria for who qualifies to drive on the policy. For example, some providers will need a driver to have no points on their licence. Others might only allow people over 21 or 25 years of age to drive for them to be covered in the policy.

Any-driver van insurance is for you if you have a small or growing business with multiple employees but only one van to share. It eliminates the hassle and cost of adding and removing people from your policy as named drivers.

It is more expensive than standard van insurance because of the additional risk of not knowing exactly who will be driving the van.

What is specialist van insurance?

Crafted for unique trade requirements, a specialist van insurance policy ensures comprehensive coverage tailored to your specialised needs.

It might be that sometimes standard policy doesn't meet your needs. The reasons can include van modifications, unusual usage, the kind of goods you transport or simply a business requirement.

A specialist van insurance policy is generally more expensive than a standard van policy. But it's not entirely impossible to find a policy that covers your particular needs for less than the standard policy rates.

The cost of your policy will depend on the following factors:

  • Your age
  • Your driving history
  • Size and power of your van
  • Usage of van
  • Security features of the van

What is multi-van insurance?

Multi-van insurance is designed to cover multiple vans under a single policy, ensuring unified protection and streamlined administration.

It's similar to fleet van insurance, which insures multiple vehicles and drivers under one policy. But the fleet cover is generally more useful for businesses while the multi-van cover is usually opted for by individual drivers.

Multi-van policies are easier to manage because you have to contact only one insurer in case of a claim for any van. It can also be sometimes cheaper as insurers offer discounts to cover as many vehicles as possible

Because there are generally one or two drivers driving all the vans in a multi-van policy, the driver's profile greatly affects the price quotes. Some factors that affect the quotes are:

  • Age of driver(s)
  • Motoring conviction
  • No-claims discount
  • Number of drivers
  • Driving history

What is haulage (goods in transit insurance)?

When transporting over long distances, the goods are exposed to an increased risk of theft or damage. Haulage (goods in transit van insurance) is specifically designed to protect the goods in such cases. For a business involving long-distance transportation, both the van and the goods hold great importance.

Difference between haulage (goods in transit van insurance) and haulage van insurance:

Haulage [goods in transit van insurance] Haulage van insurance
Haulage goods in transit insurance specifically covers the goods being transported in a vehicle against loss or damage during transit. It is different from Haulage van insurance which covers the van used for transporting the goods.
It focuses on the protection of the cargo itself. It provides coverage for the vehicle from theft, accidents, damage, etc.

Haulage (goods in transit van insurance) ensures:

  • Safe passage of your cargo
  • Fostering client trust and
  • Operational excellence

What is courier (goods for hire/reward) van insurance?

Courier (goods for hire/reward) specifically protects goods that are transported at local distances by hired drivers. This policy is the best fit for traders or businesses for whom the transportation of goods and products to customers is their main line of work.

This is different from the standard courier van insurance in the following ways:

Courier (goods for hire/reward) Courier van insurance
Designed for individuals or businesses that transport goods belonging to others for a fee to protect the said goods. Also designed for businesses that transport goods but is limited to the coverage for the van or vehicle used in courier services.
This insurance covers the goods being transported against damage, loss, or theft during transit. This insurance provides protection for the courier vehicle itself, covering risks such as accidents, theft, and damage.

A courier may become liable for the goods they deliver in case of theft or damage. Having courier goods in transit insurance will cover you should you be responsible for the loss of someone's parcel.

What is the carriage of own goods van insurance?

Carriage of own goods van insurance covers individuals and businesses that use vans for transporting their own goods as part of their operations.

Carriage of own goods van insurance is different from other insurance policies like goods for hire or reward, haulage, and courier coveragebecause it only covers items that you personally own.

The cost for this insurance can depend on a number of factors like:

  • Size of the van: Larger vans are generally seen as higher risk.
  • Your goods: Expensive or valuable goods can attract more thieves and cause greater loss
  • Usage of van: The more time you spend driving, the more you are at risk.
  • Your driving history: Older, more experienced drivers pose a lower risk.

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