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Why get classic car insurance?

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Why classic car insurance?

We know that your classic car is your prized possession and that you will spend hours perfecting it in the garage before taking to the roads in the summer months. However, without classic car insurance in Ireland you will not be legally allowed to drive your car on the roads. If your classic car is 20 years old or more, and you already insure a private car, then you can compare classic car insurance in Ireland at Paddy Compare.

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What type of classic car insurance do I need?

You can choose between third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive cover. While comprehensive cover is similar to that for a normal car there are few differences that you should be aware of when considering vintage car insurance. Firstly, it is important to value your vehicle correctly as many policies will use the market value in the event of a write off and this may not reflect the true value of your classic car. This is often known as agreed value cover where you agree the value of your classic car with your insurance broker in advance. You should then make sure you are also covered for any expensive replacement parts, and protected at any vintage car rallies or shows.

How much does classic car insurance cost?

The cost of your classic car insurance policy in Ireland will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, the age, the number of miles, and your driving history. Often classic car policies will be cheaper than your standard car policy. Insurers also may include a low mileage limit and these details should be discussed in detail with your broker.

What type of vehicles are covered?

Generally providing your classic car is 20 plus years old and used as your second car then you should have no problem getting a classic car insurance quote. Some insurers will provide cover for more modern classic cars but you will need to confirm the details with your broker, otherwise they may recommend a standard car insurance policy. Vintage car insurance in Ireland is also available for vehicles typically over 25 years old. Our partner brokers cover all vehicle makes to include; Austin; Mini; BMW; Porsche; Daimler; Ferrari; Ford; Volkswagen classic car insurance and many more.

How do I get cheap classic car insurance?

You can reduce the cost of your classic insurance cover by: have the use of a main vehicle for your day to day driving; keeping your mileage down to roughly between 2,000 to 5,000 miles per year; improving the security on your vehicle and where your vehicle is kept, for example in a locked garage; building up a no claims discount; and even joining a car club.

Why Paddy Compare for classic car insurance in Ireland?

By using Paddy Compare you can get cheap classic car insurance quotes in a matter of minutes. Simply complete our one page classic car insurance quote form and our specialist classic car insurance brokers will contact you with quotes. Paddy's partners can quote nationwide and for all classic car makes and models.

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What other types of classic car insurance add-ons are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual dirving needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right classic car insurance cover today.

Breakdown cover

Given the age of your vehicle, classic cars are at a higher risk of breaking down, thus it may be advisable to get add breakdown cover to your policy.

Windscreen cover

Windscreen cover typically comes as standard and will usually cover the costs of any paint touch ups due to broken glass.

Driving abroad cover

Travel abroad cover will provide protection whilst driving your classic car overseas, for example if you drive to the United Kingdom or Europe for a car show.

Modern classic car insurance

Some insurers will provide classic car insurance policies for certain car makes first registered in the late 1990s or early 2000s. This would be usually called a modern classic car insurance policy.

Vintage car insurance

A vintage car is defined as any vehicle over 25 years old. Vintage car insurance in Ireland is available and will offer the same cover as a classic policy. The cost will largely depend on the age of your vehicle and the number of miles driven per annum.

Legal protection

This covers the costs of any legal expenses in the event of a claim or accident.

  • Is it worth joining a classic car club?

    Yes, joining a classic car club will bring a range of benefits, such as connecting you with like minded car enthusiasts but more importantly potentially result in insurance discounts.

  • What do I need to get a quote?

    You will need to have your classic car details, your driving experience and licence details, vehicle usage, details of any no claims bonus and your own contact detials to get a classic car insurance quote.

  • How do I declare my classic car SORN?

    You can get a Statutory Off Road Notifcation or SORN to declare your vehicle off road, and in doing so you will not need insurance for the period SORN.

  • Is my classic car exempt from MOTs?

    The answer depends on the age of your classic car, if built or first registered more than 40 years ago or if no substantial changes have been made to the car in the past 30 you will not need a MOT. We strongly recommend that you continue to check your vehicle at least annually to ensure it is roadworthy.

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