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Why get salon insurance?

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Who needs salon insurance?

Do you own or operate your business in a salon? If the answer is yes, you may need salon insurance. If you own or work in a hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, make-up artists, nail studio or tanning salon a salon insurance policy may be right for you. Whether you're a small business, independent salon, a corporate chain, or a freelance professional, we can help you save money. At Paddy Compare we put you in contact with salon insurance experts in Ireland that cover all types of salon.

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What level of cover do I need?

The right salon insurance policy will cover you against any loss or potential damages to your salon business. Most salon policies will include public liability insurance which will cover you against any claims for injury or damage to property made by members of the public whilst visiting or receiving a service in your salon. If you have any employees you will need to include employer's liability insurance within your salon insurance policy to cover you for any claims made by employees whilst working at the salon. Product liability insurance covers you for any claims that may be made against you from a customer buying a product from your salon and becoming ill or hurt. You can also get insurance to cover the building, contents and any equipment you own that is used for your business.

How much does salon insurance cost?

The cost of salon insurance cover will vary depending the type of salon, treatments you are offering and the size of your business. In general, the bigger your business the higher the price of premium as the greater the risk of accident or injury.

Is salon cover mandatory?

Employer's liability insurance is mandatory and a legal requirement in Ireland to protect your employees, however if you freelance you will still need cover to protect against injury or accident to any of your customers.

What type of businesses are covered by salon insurance?

Salon insurance policies can be tailored to suit, our specialist brokers can cover the following businesses throughout Ireland: beauty salons; hairdressers; makeup artists; cosmetic therapists; manicurists; pedicurists; nail technicians; and massage parlours.

What type of treatments are covered by salon insurance?

Our partner salon insurance brokers can cover all standard treatments, even teeth whitening, laser hair removal, waxing and deep tissue massages.

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What other types of salon insurance and add ons are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual motoring needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right salon insurance cover today.

Beauty therapist insurance

Beauty therapist insurance would typically cover you for injury or illness to your customers.

Hairdresser or barber insurance

Hairdresser or barber insurance is tailored to suit and would usually provide cover against injury to your customers and theft of your takings.

Massage insurance

Cover is available if you are a masseuse and this would insure you against injury or illness to your customers.

Personal accident

Personal accident cover can be available and this will pay out a lump sum should someone in your business get injured at work or in a personal capacity.

Business stock

We understand the cost of stocks and products used for treatments for your customers, and therefore it makes sense to ensure they are covered against theft, fire or damage.

Buildings and contents

If you own the salon, you may wish to consider including an element of buildings and contents cover in your policy.

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