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Why get non standard home insurance?

Let's talk about non standard home insurance

What is non standard home insurance?

Non-standard home insurance in Ireland is a catch all term that covers all other property types that would not be covered by normal home insurance. These property types will have a non-standard or special features such as, properties with a flat roof, or timber construction, or located in a flood risk area. You may also need non-standard home insurance if you have been bankrupt or had previous convictions. Most policies will also cover the use of unusual construction materials such as thatch, corrugated iron, timber and stones. Flat roof building insurance in Ireland is also a common policy required by many homeowners nationwide. Whatever the reason, our partner brokers at Paddy Compare can help.

Are you a non standard home owner?

Why non standard home insurance?

Non standard buildings insurance cover is essential and is bought for the same reasons as for normal home insurance, to protect your buildings and contents against damage and theft and all mortgage lender will require you to have home insurance cover. If you own a property that is built on the flood plain of a river that has a history of flooding or if you live in an area where subsidence and ground movements are common, then finding cheap home insurance in Ireland can be very difficult. Our partner brokers can provide you with tailored quotes to suit your non-standard property needs.

What does non standard home insurance cover?

Like a standard home insurance policy, a non-standard home insurance policy offers the three main types of cover. Firstly, buildings insurance will cover the cost to rebuild your property therefore it is most important to get this figure right. You should consider getting your property assessed and valued, particularly if it contains non-standard features such as a thatched roof. Contents cover will protect your fixtures, fittings and belongings in the home. Finally a combined policy, this is usually the simplest and will cover both the building and contents. Most non standard home insurance policies will cover properties that have been flooded or that are situated in flood risk areas, properties that are at risk of subsidence and in most cases you will have to provide your insurer with a certified buildings report assessing the structural integrity, any unoccupied properties or if you have had criminal convictions in the past. Most policies will also cover the use of unusual construction materials such as thatch, corrugated iron, timber and stones. Flat roof building insurance in Ireland is also a common policy required by many homeowners nationwide.

How much does home insurance cost?

The cost of non-standard home insurance can vary considerably, depending on the property type and the non-standard elements of your quote. Some of the main components of cost include: the age of your property, the location for example if your property is built in a flood risk area, the materials used during the construction and if the construction type is non-standard, the size and value of your property, and the security features.

How do I get cheap non-standard home insurance quotes?

There are various things you can do to help reduce the cost of your home insurance, these include: building up your no claims discount, paying annually in a lump sum, increasing the excess on your policy, improve the security features at your presmises and select the location of your property wisely where possible.

Why Paddy Compare for non standard home insurance in Ireland?

Do you own a non standard home with unusual characteristics such as different construction materials, a flat roof or a listed building? Is your property at risk of flooding, subsidence or landslip? It doesn't matter how unusual your property is, at Paddy Compare you can compare non standard home insurance in Ireland free of charge and for all possible scenarios. Simply complete our one page non standard home insurance quote form. Once complete we match your details up with our non standard property insurance specialists who will then contact you to confirm your details and provide quotes.

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What are the different types of non-standard property?

Every policy is different and tailored to your non-standard property, speak to our advisers and get the right non standard home insurance cover today.

Flood risk

Properties that are located in a flood plain are at higher risk of flooding, therefore attracting a higher premium.

Listed buildings

Listing buildings require specialist cover due to the historic and treasured nature of the building.


Subsidence has to be declared over the last 20 years and supported by an engineers report.

Unoccupied property insurance

Unoccupied properties that have been vacant for a long period of time will require a specialist home insurance broker.

Timber or steel frames

Non-standard construction materials such as timber or steel frames will require a non-standard home policy.

Flat or thatched roofs

Flat roofs are at higher risk of water damage and a thatched roof requires regular maintenance and repair.

  • Are any policy extras available?

    Some usual policy extras might include accidental damange cover, home emergency cover, and legal cover.

  • What personal circumstances result in a non-standard home insurance policy?

    You will require a non-standard home insurance policy if you have been previously declared bankrupt, declined or refused insurance cover, if you have previously had convictions and or an adverse claims history.

  • Are there other non-standard construction materials?

    Yes there are a lot of non-standard construction materials such as: steel framed, timber framed, modular and pre-fab houses, concrete, clunch, flint and stone, and cob. Our partner brokers have experience in dealing with all different types of property and construction materials.

  • What details do I need to get a quote?

    You will need the details of your property to hand when completing our one page quote form. The details of your property will include the construction type, materials, number of rooms, property and contents value, and location. You will also require your contact details in order that our partner brokers can get in contact.