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Why get pub insurance?

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Why pub insurance?

There are many challenges and risks involved in running a successful pub in Ireland. Pub insurance premiums in Ireland have risen considerable over the last number of years, with a typical policy for a pub in Dublin costing up to €20,000 this is a huge cost for the business. If a customer slips and falls or if a member of staff injures themselves, you need to be protected. Claims can be even more costly and therefore it is important to ensure you have the right cover in place.

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What type of pub insurance cover do I need?

There is a lot to think about when running a pub and when choosing business insurance for your pub, it can be very confusing knowing what areas you need to have covered. The type of cover you will require will depend a lot on the type of business you run. Before searching for pub insurance you should ask yourself the following questions: do I just sell alcohol; do I also sell food; and how many employees do I have? If you own a liquor licence and operate in a busy environment the risks multiple even further. Whether it’s a party venue in the City centre, a local drinker’s bar in the country or a gastropub, Paddy Compare can help make sure you’ve got the right pub insurance in place.

What does pub insurance cover?

The typical pub insurance policy will provide employer's liability insurance cover to protect you from claims made from staff for injuries caused to them whilst working at your premises. A level of public liability insurance is usually included as standard to protect you against claims made by third party customers whilst on your premises such as a customer slipping on a wet floor and breaking their arm. Public liability insurance could over the cost of any legal fees or compensation. Product liability may also be required if you sell food items to third parties that could potentially claim if they take unwell. Other optional extras include stock insurance, contents cover, loss of money, business interruption cover, loss of drinks licence and buildings insurance. With so many options available, it is essential to speak to a trusted pub insurance provider through Paddy Compare.

How much does pub insurance cost?

With the current regime affording members of the public up to two years to make a claim, businesses can be hit with unexpected claims and costs out of the blue. As the hospitality sector continues to rebuild post pandemic, the last thing you and your business need is a claim. The cost of pub insurance will depend on a number of factors, such as the level of cover required, the size of your premises, your licences, your location and the level of stocks and contents.

How to save on pub insurance costs?

The first rule to cheaper pub insurance is comparing prices. By using our click to compare pub insurance quote form you can quickly get cheap pub insurance quotes tailored to suit your business. We work with a range of brokers from across Ireland in order to compare the market for you. Other ways of saving on your pub insurance may be to increase your access, pay by lump sum, and increase your no claims bonus. You should also ensure you review the policy in detail with your broker to be sure that you are not paying for unnecessary extras.

Why Paddy Compare for pub insurance in Ireland?

Running a public house, bar or restaurant can be very enjoyable but it also comes as a big responsibility. We all know that alcohol can bring the best and worst out in people, that’s why there is always an element of risk to your customers, staff and property. At Paddy compare we know the important of finding the right deal on your pub insurance. By using our simple pub insurance quote our partner brokers will contact you in a matter of minutes. Whether you need pub insurance, restaurant insurance, or bar insurance, our specialist pub insurance partners will provide competitive cover for all licensed premises to include inns, taverns, nightclubs, bistros, wine and cocktail bars. Try Paddy Compare today.

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What are the main types of pub insurance cover available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual business needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right pub insurance cover today.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance will protect you against claims made by a third party for injury to themselves or damage to their property whilst being in your pub or nightclub.

Employers' liability insurance

Employers' liability will cover you against claims made by your employees and protects you against injury or death sustained whilst they are at work.

Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance will protect you against claims made by third parties for injury or illness as a result of your product.

Business interruption cover

Business interruption cover will provide some financial support for a period of lost earnings if your business is forced to stop for a short period of time due to unforeseen circumstances.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance will cover the value of the contents in your bar or pub. You should discuss this in detail with your broker to ensure the value of your contents is appropriately covered.

Loss of licence cover

You may not think you could lose your licence, but having cover in place could provide you with financial support until you get any issues resolved.

  • Is there a limit to the pub insurance cover?

    Most pub insurance policies will cover materials damage up to €20million, €13.5m for employers liability and €6.5m for public liability. Additional limits can be arranged if required.

  • If I own more than one pub, can they all be put on one policy?

    Yes, you can put more than one pub on the policy should they be owned by the same owner or company. However you should always discuss the details with one of our trusted brokers, because it may not be in your interest to have all pubs together in the same policy. One pub may have a poorer claims history than another or be rated higher, thus significantly impacting the premium.

  • What details will I need to get a quote?

    You will need to have the details of your pub, your location, licence details, annual turnover, sum to be insured and your number of employees. Our partner brokers will contact you to confirm all details directly over the phone.

  • What payment methods could I use?

    You can pay policy by cheque, card payment online or over the phone. Some brokers will even offer you the option of paying by instalment.

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