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Paddy Compare for plumber insurance in Ireland?

If you are a plumber, either self employed or running a business or working for a construction firm as a contractor, then finding the right plumber insurance policy is critical to your livelihood. At Paddy Compare we understand that your business is at risk and so we make it easy for you to compare heating and plumbing insurance policies from specialist brokers nationwide.

Why plumber insurance?

As a plumber working at residential or commercial premises, accidents can happen. Therefore you will always be at risk of claims from third parties for injury or damage to their property as a result of your work. The typical plumbers insurance policy will provide public liability insurance which is essential and a range of other covers such as; tools, equipment, building, commercial van, sub contractor and employers’ liability insurance if you have any employees.

How to get cheap plumber insurance quotes?

Plumber insurance can be complex, with many different policy add-ons based on your requirements and the nature of your business. So why not speak to one of our specialist plumbers' insurance brokers today. Simply complete our online plumbers' insurance quote form and we will search the market for you to find brokers best placed to meet your needs. Get plumber quotes and start saving today.

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