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Why get professional indemnity insurance?

Let's talk about professional indemnity insurance

Why professional indemnity insurance?

Does your business or profession offer advice or provide services to other businesses? Do you handle a client's data or copyright materials? If so then you may need professional indemnity insurance in Ireland. You could be exposed to claims from clients or members of the public for a breach of your professional duty of care. No one expects to make mistakes but even for the biggest of firms, faults can happen and therefore you could be held liable for financial loss suffered by your clients as a result of your work and advice. PI insurance will provide that cover you need.

Are you a professional indemnity owner?

What type of cover do I need?

Professional indemnity insurance, also termed PI insurance or indemnity insurance can protect you against claims made for compensation by third parties for problems with work you have done for them. Even if you haven't done anything wrong, the PI policy will cover the legal costs of getting your business in the clear. A professional indemnity policy should cover you if you were responsible for loss of money, professional negligence, defamation and libel, loss of documents and data, and unintentional breach of copyright.

What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for: professional negligence if you give incorrect advice or make a mistake; defamation if you support or produce false statements about your client; breach of confidentiality such as sharing sensitive information with permissions; breach of copyright such as using images without permission; and lost or damaged goods or data.

How much PI insurance cover do I need?

PI insurance cover can range from €50,000 to millions, therefore it will depend on your specific business needs and it can be a difficult question to answer. You should ask yourself what the total value of the information or property you'll be handling is? If you are an accountant or a solicitor working with large businesses, you should ensure you are covered for any potential loss that might occur. Some contracts with your customers or suppliers will specify a level of cover required. Many professional services firms are members of professional bodies and institutes, who will normally specify a minimum level of cover as the industry standard. Speak to our partner brokers to discuss your business needs today.

How much does professional indemnity insurance cost?

The cost of PI insurance in Ireland is on the rise, but will depend on the amount of cover you need. Therefore it is most important to discuss your cover requirements with one of our trusted partner advisers. The cost of getting the cover amount wrong or the financial loss from a claim could be much more than the cost of insurance.

Why Paddy Compare for professional indemnity insurance in Ireland?

Simply hit the Get Quotes button to find our one page PI insurance quote form. Once complete we will pass your details onto professional indemnity insurance specialists from across Ireland that will contact you with competitive quotes. You can compare PI insurance for all trade types to include, accountancy, architects, consultancy, engineers, IT, financial, marketing, medical, legal and much more. It is free and easy to use.

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What types of professional indemnity insurance covers are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual PI insurance needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right professional indemnity insurance cover today.

Solicitors PI insurance

Supporting clients with legal cases or claims? You never know when things could go wrong, PI insurance will provide you with peace of mind.

Accountants PI insurance

Providing accounting services to many clients? PI insurance will cover you for any mistake, missing deadlines or potential loss to the clients as a result of your advice.

Architects PI insurance

From designing a client's new home to a commercial premises, should the worst happen, PI insurance will have you covered.

Quantity surveyors

Measure up incorrectly during the job that results in financial loss on a project, PI insurance could help you cover the legal costs in the event of a claim.

Engineers PI insurance

When infrastructure is used by the public, the cost of a mistake can be huge. An engineer could he held liable and sued for a flaw in the design or construction, PI insurance can have you covered.

Consultant PI insurance

Provide the wrong advice whilst acting in a consultancy capacity, PI insurance can cover you in the event of a claim.

  • What is the difference between PI insurance and public liability insurance?

    Professional indemnity insurance covers you for claims of professional negligence for financial loss arising for advice or work performed for a client. Public liability insurance protects you against allegations of injury or illness by third parties as a result of negligence on your behalf.

  • Any examples of typical PI claims?

    You could be sued for a flawed design during a construction project which gives rise to property damage or financial loss, you could be sued for not meeting a client deadline or filing incorrect information, you coud be sued for giving incorrect advice, even breach of copyright for use of an image on a website, and even loss of misuse of sensitive client data. There are many circumstances which could arise, and therefore it is most important to discuss your business needs with a broker you can trust. Use Paddy Compare today.

  • Do I need professional indemnity insurance if I work from home?

    It doesn't matter where you work, professional indemnity insurance is not premised based, if you are offering advice or professional services to clients then you should consider PI insurance in Ireland.

  • What details will I need to get a quote?

    You will need details of your business, number of employees, annual turnover, and contact details to enable our local partner PI insurance brokers to contact you with quotes. Whether you operate a large law firm in Dublin or a small accountancy practice in Donegal, our partner brokers can help.