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Why get restaurant insurance?

Let's talk about restaurant insurance

Why restaurant insurance?

Regardless of whether you own a Michelin-starred diner, a popular local brasserie, or a family-favourite buffet, restaurant insurance will provide cover as you serve food and drinks to members of the public, and care for your staff. Business insurance can be tailored to cover what you need most, and provide peace of mind to allow you to do what you and your team do best - serving great food and drinks to your customers. Paddy Compare will help put you in touch with specialist brokers to discuss the cover for you and your business.

Are you a restaurant owner?

What type of restaurant insurance cover do I need?

Most restaurant insurance packages are fully comprehensive and provide cover against theft, flood, damage and fire. The main area to consider is public liability insurance, as this will protect the restaurant against claims for food poisoning, injuries, harm or damage to property from members of the public whilst on your premises. Employers' liability insurance should also be considered for your employees - waiters, waitresses, chefs and front-of-house staff in your establishment. You may wish to insure your fridge/freezer contents, or include cover for entertaining customers, so these are other key aspects to your restaurant insurance policy.

What kind of restaurants are covered?

Our partner brokers cover many types of restaurants in Ireland every year. If you would like cafe or coffee shop insurance, we provide a separate service for this by clicking here. Examples of restaurants covered include casual dining, fast food, contemporary, pizzerias, pop-up restaurants, and ghost kitchens (virtual restaurants which don't have a storefront at all). Whether you are serving Indian curries in Dublin, traditional food in Waterford, Italian cuisine in Galyway, Chinese delights in Cork, or Thai delicacies in Limerick, we can help with your insurance needs.

What factors should I consider?

Other things to look out for include: whether you own the property and need buildings insurance, consider the cost of the stock you are insuring (rather than the sale price), be aware of the difference in contents cover and fixtures and fittings cover as they protect different items and always check the policy documents before you buy. You could also consider personal accident cover or cyber insurance cover.

How much does restaurant insurance cost?

Restaurant insurance costs vary widely, but may start from as little as €750. The cost of restaurant insurance can vary considerably and depend on the type and size of premises, the interaction with the public, the risks involved, the type of food you sell and your location. The cost of premium may be higher if you operate your premises in a city centre, such as Dublin or Galway. It will also depend on your level of existing no-claims bonus.

Why Paddy Compare for restaurant insurance in Ireland?

Are you a restaurant owner in need of business insurance or simply looking to better your renewal? If so, then you have come to the right place. At Paddy Compare we understand that finding the right restaurant insurance policy can be difficult. That's why by using our online cover comparison service we can save you time and money. Our partner restaurant insurance specialists will contact you directly with quotes.

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What are the main types of restaurant insurance cover available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual business needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right restaurant insurance cover today.

Buildings insurance

Building insurance cover is very important, and will cover you for the estimated cost of rebuilding your restaurant in the event of fire, storm, flood, malicious damage and water damage. You should use the estimated costs to rebuild your restaurant as opposed to the market value, which may be vastly different.

Public liability insurance

Most restaurants will be accessible to the public and so public liability insurance will protect you against claims made by a third party for injury or harm caused to themselves or damage to their property whilst at your premises, including food poisoning.

Employers' liability insurance

Employers' liability will cover you against claims made by your employees and protects you against injury or death sustained whilst they are at work in your restaurant. This may include burns; cuts; or slips, trips and falls.

Stock and contents insurance

This will cover fridge and freezer contents, and fixtures and fittings such as kitchens, tables, chairs and decor in the event of power failure, malfunction, fire, theft, or flood damage.

Business interruption cover

Business interruption cover will help you and your business continue as a going concern following a period of lost earnings for an event or incident that is specified in the policy. You may also be covered for loss of income or profit as a result of a claim.

Money cover

Own and operate a cash business? If you have takings and hold cash in tills, a lock box or in a safe during business hours or overnight, this cover could be essential. The level depends on the sums of cash, security and type of business involved.

  • What if I lose my licence to sell alcohol?

    If your alcohol licence is revoked or suspended, it could significantly damage your business - particularly if you were previously known for quality wines, beers, spirits or cocktails. Your insurance policy may cover such a loss however there may be terms and conditions limiting when a pay-out is made, for example if the licence was lost due to misconduct, or a change in law or planning permission.

  • What if there's a power cut and we lose freezer food?

    If you have a fridge or freezer breakdown, your stock may not last for long, and its loss could come at a great expense for your business. Policies can cover deterioration of stock stored in fridge or freezer units to provide you peace of mind should such an event happen.

  • Why do you need to know our annual turnover?

    Our brokers need to know the size of your business to ensure your policy provides suitable protection for your restaurant. This is most relevant to business interruption insurance.

  • What details will I need to get a quote?

    You will need the details of your restaurant, annual turnover, products, sum insured and claims history details to hand. Our partner brokers will confirm all details with you over the phone.

  • Do you provide entertainment cover?

    Although offering dancing, ceilidhs, live music or discos comes at an additional risk, speak to our partner brokers as it is likely this can be included within your policy.

  • What can I do to lower the premium?

    Train your staff, run first aid training, improve the security at your premises, fire strategies and ensure the restaurant is kept clean and tidy.

  • How do I make a claim?

    Firstly, find your insurance documents and then give your insurance company a call. You will have to explain what happened and provide photos if requested. The insurer will work with you in resolving the claim.

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