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Why get classic motorbike insurance?

Let's talk about classic motorbike insurance

Who needs classic motorbike insurance?

If you own a classic motorbike and want to drive it on the roads in Ireland then you need classic motorbike insurance. Every motorcyclist needs to be covered, it is illegal to ride without insurance in Ireland. At Paddy Compare we have partnered with Carole Nash in order to provide you with some of the best quotes available on the market. Caole Nash have been providing motorbike insurance in Ireland for over 35 years. Simply complete the online quote form to get a quote and buy online, or contact them directly via phone on 1800 818 774.

Are you a classic motorbike owner?

What qualifies as a classic motorbike?

What age is your motorbike? Typically if your motorbike is over 10 years old then you could benefit from classic motorbike insurance policy. The criteria of a classic motorbike will vary from insurer to insurer and therefore it is important to discuss with a specialist.

What does classic motorbike insurance cover?

Classic motorbike insurance is designed to protect vintage and classic motorcycles that may have different values and require specialised care. These policies typically provide coverage for the agreed value of your bike, taking into account its historical significance, rarity, and condition.

What types of cover are available?

Comprehensive coverage provides protection for damage to your classic motorbike resulting from accidents, theft, vandalism, fire, or natural disasters. This coverage helps cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your bike in the event of such incidents. Optional add ons may be available such as: helment and leathers cover, events cover or international cover.

What is agreed value cover?

Unlike standard motorbike insurance policies that provide coverage based on market value, classic motorbike insurance policies allow you to agree on the value of your motorcycle upfront. This ensures that you receive the agreed-upon value in the event of a total loss or theft, providing you with financial protection that accurately reflects the worth of your vintage or classic bike.

Will mileage restrictions apply?

Classic motorbike insurance policies may offer limited mileage coverage. Since vintage and classic bikes are often used for occasional rides or special events, these policies take into account the reduced mileage and adjust the coverage accordingly. This can help lower premiums while still providing appropriate coverage for your usage. Carole Nash offer unrestricted mileage options with their policies.

What types of classic bikes are covered?

If your motorbike is over 10 years old, then it could be considered as a classic bike or a vintage bike. Some of the most classic motorbikes include the Honda CB750, Harley Davidson Softail, Triumph, Kawasaki Ninja, and the Royal Enfield. Our partners Carole Nash cover all types of classic motorbikes.

How to get cheap classic motorbike insurance quotes?

Some insurers offer additional benefits and discounts for classic motorbike insurance. These may include reduced premiums for members of recognized classic motorcycle clubs, discounts for storing your bike securely in a garage, or discounts for completing advanced rider training courses. Taking advantage of these benefits can help make your insurance more affordable.

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