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Why motorbike insurance with Paddy Compare?

It's simple, if you own a motorbike and want to drive it on the roads then you need motorbike insurance. Every motorcyclist needs to be covered, it is illegal to ride without it in Ireland. Therefore it is important to shop around and compare prices. At Paddy Compare we will help you save on your motorbike insurance policy in Ireland by putting you in contact with a specialist broker in just a matter of minutes.

What type of motorbike insurance policies are available?

Like car insurance, motorbike insurance is available in three tiers, fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party. Third party only covers you for damage done to another period or their vehicle. Third party, fire and theft, goes one step further as it also covers your bike if stolen, or damaged by fire. Fully comprehensive bike insurance is the most expensive but also the most inclusive, and also includes cover for accidental damage, vandalism and repairs.

There are many different motorcycle insurance policies available, it's therefore very important to purchase a policy that suits your needs. At Paddy Compare you can get bike insurance quotes for all makes and models such as BMW, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. We even can help you get a better deal on your moped insurance, scooter insurance or classic bike insurance policy. Even if you have any convictions or claims on your bike licence, Paddy can help. The main factors that will affect the cost of motorbike insurance will be age, bike make, model, your location and past driving experience. You may also be able add cover for your helmet, leathers, breakdown, lost keys or personal accident.

How to get motorbike insurance quotes?

So whether you need a new motorbike insurance policy or a renewal, Paddy Compare can help you save. It doesn't matter if you live in Cork, Dublin or Donegal, our service operates countrywide. You may be a first time motorbike rider, or may have been riding for years, whatever your requirements our bike insurance comparison system will work for you. Simply tell us some details about yourself and the motorbike you want to insure, then hit the get quotes button. Our motorbike insurance partners will then be in contact as soon as possible to confirm your details and provide you with a quote.

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