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Having problems finding cheap motorbike insurance in Ireland? At Paddy Compare we work to find our riders the cheap bike insurance that keeps them on the roads.

What is motorbike insurance?

There are three levels of motor bike insurance which include fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party. Fully comprehensive bike insurance is the most expensive but also the most inclusive. Third party is the cheapest and minimum level of cover, only paying out for damage to someone else or their property.

There are many different motorcycle insurance policies available, it's therefore very important to purchase a policy that suits your needs. Paddy compares motor bike insurance for young drivers, moped insurance, scooter insurance and classic bike insurance. Even if you have any convictions or claims on your bike licence, Paddy can help. The main factors that will affect the cost of insurance will be age, bike make, model, your location and past driving experience.

How to get motorbike insurance quotes?

So whether you enjoy driving your classic bike on a warm sunny afternoon, drive your Yamaha superbike on the open road or use your scooter for beating traffic in the city, Paddy knows best. Simply complete our one page online motorbike insurance quotes form. Give it a try, it's free and you could start saving today.

Why Paddy Compare?

  • Compare prices from local specialists
  • Free and no obligation service
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Simple one-page quote forms
  • Save money on your insurance
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