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Paddy Compare for travel insurance in Ireland?

Planning the perfect holiday? Well then you will need travel insurance. At Paddy Compare we can help find you the best rates. So whether you are heading off on your honeymoon, planning a family holiday, travelling for business or just going for a short weekend break, Paddy Compare's partner insurance broker can help.

Why do I need travel insurance?

With so many different types of travel insurance it is important to shop around and compare prices. The typical travel insurance policy will protect you against medical emergencies, accidents, sickness or death, trip cancellation, airline delays and lost baggage.

You should firstly ensure that the policy covers travel to your destination. Some policies restrict travel to within Europe, while others provide worldwide cover.

An annual multi trip insurance policy will cover you for all trips during the year. A single trip travel insurance policy will need to be renewed every time you go on holiday and provide cover for up to 31 days. If you plan to make two or more trips during the year you could save money by taking out an annual policy.

Backpackers insurance can be tailored to protect you for longer periods of up to 18 months and across multiple countries. If you plan to travel with your children it may be cheaper to purchase a family travel insurance policy.

Extras can be added to your policy if you plan to go on an adventure holiday or to include winter sports travel insurance. Over 50s travel insurance can be difficult and costly to find as elderly people are more likely to claim on their insurance.

Compare travel insurance quotes with Paddy Compare

Holiday insurance is easy with Paddy Compare. Simply click through to our partner insurance broker who can help you save money. The broker will contact you with tailored travel insurance quotes to meet your needs. So try Paddy Compare, get insured and enjoy your holiday to the full.

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