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Interested in receiving Irish insurance leads? At Paddy Compare we aim to provide you with high quality introductions to new business via our website,

Paddy Compare is an expert in insurance intermediary services and we understand the importance of growing your business. That's why we want to develop sustainable relationships with Irish insurance brokers, insurers and IFAs alike.

We generate leads using a range of marketing techniques for a full list of insurance and financial products. There is no minimum term or contract to get started. So whether you are a personal lines broker from Dublin or a commercial insurance specialist from Galway, we can help.

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Simply fill in the short form below and one of our team will be in contact shortly. You could be receiving new business introductions within as little as 48 hours.

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Why Choose PaddyCompare?
  • Live, real time leads
  • Targeted leads to meet your criteria
  • Delivered instantly to your sales team
  • Dedicated sales advisor
  • High quality introductions
  • Grow your business
  • Great value for money

How does it work?

The four simple steps below explain how our service works.

Step 1

A website visitor searches for 'XX insurance' online and clicks through into our website for their required insurance product.

Step 2

The user then completes our short insurance online quote form which contains questions about their insurance risk and their contact details.

Step 3

The user is presented with our 'Quotes Results Page' which displays your company logo and contact details.

Step 4

Your sales team receives the lead via email in real time, contacts the customer upon receipt, confirms details, provides a quote and makes a sale.

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Can I limit the number of leads?

Yes, lead limits can be applied to the leads to meet your budgetary requirements e.g. 5 leads per day. Also see 'Can I filter the leads' below.

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Can I filter the leads?

Yes, filters can be applied to the leads in order to match your quote criteria. Some examples of typical broker filter requirements are given below:

  • > Skip certain counties e.g Donegal, Cork and Waterford
  • > Skip certain business trades e.g. teachers, builders, roofers, personal trainers, contractors etc.
  • > Skip if zero years no claims bonus
  • > Skip if the customers have previous convictions.

By applying filters you only receive leads that you can quote for, thus saving staff time and money.

How much does it cost?

We operate a pay per lead basis for most insurance products; typically between €4 and €8 per lead (except life insurance, for which the leads are more expensive). This is a flexible and simple model meaning that you only pay for leads that you receive. There is no requirement for sales reporting to us or for you to disclose details on premiums etc. Also, see 'Do I have to pay for fake leads' below.

We operate Pay per sale arrangements on some personal lines - car, van and home insurance.

Leads are billed monthly in arrears e.g. all leads received in April will be billed for in May.

Do I have to pay for fake leads?

No, you do NOT have to pay for any invalid leads. An invalid lead is a duplicate lead from the previous 30 days, or a lead that contains incorrect contact details and results in you not being able to make contact, for example Mr ABC or 0123456789 telephone numbers. We will provide you with an invalid lead template for recording any such leads. This is then returned to us at the end of the month. We can then check all invalid leads off against our own records and deduct these from your monthly invoice accordingly.

Is there a minimum term?

No, we offer a flexible and affordable service. The lead supply can be amended, turned on or off, when and if required.

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How to get started?

We require three things to get started:

  • > Get in touch via email or by clicking here to initiate the signup process
  • > Confirm the email address(es) required for lead delivery
  • > Provide a digital copy of your logo for use on our website.

Remember there is no minimum term and so no commitment - you can turn the service on and off as required.

How many brokers do you send the leads to?

As an insurance lead generator it is in our interest to develop relationships with as many brokers as possible and in doing so, we aim to cover all insurance risks nationwide. With each broker applying filters in order to receive leads that match their own specific quoting criteria, any potential overlap is kept to a minimum.

On average, leads are only sent to one broker, therefore in most cases you will be the only broker receiving a lead.

Can you integrate into our broker management software?

It may be possible for us to directly feed lead details into your software. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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What are the benefits of your service?

Just some of the benefits are listed below:

  • > Affordable alternative to marketing to new customers
  • > High quality leads at great prices
  • > Targeted leads matching your quoting criteria
  • > Live leads, delivered in 'real time', instantly to your sales team
  • > Dedicated account manager
  • > Flexible service
  • > Range of products
  • > Excellent source of new business

Customer testimonials

Thank you for service. It worked well for me.
Fintan, via email
Thanks a mill for arranging our quote we got our insurance much cheaper than we had been quoted by several brokers.
Michelle, via Facebook
Great service and quotes.
Martin, via Facebook
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