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Income protection is an insurance policy that protects you should you become unable to work due to illness, accident or unemployment. A typical income protection policy will usually pay out until you return to health and work, retirement or death. At Paddy Compare we want to help you protect your income, your health and your livelihood, therefore we work with some of the best income protection insurance providers in Ireland to bring you policies that suit.

Why income protection insurance?

There are three main cover types that you can typically choose from; illness for protection against sickness, accident cover and unemployment for losing your job. Depending on the policy you choose, each is designed to help you pay bills if the worst should happen so that you can maintain a standard of living. Payouts are usually based on a percentage of earnings e.g. 50% to 70%. Most providers will only cover you up to retirement age or a max of 70 years. According to research, many employers fail to support their staff for more than 1 year, so income protection cover is essential.
There are range of different policies available to include; accident protection, bill protection, mortgage protection, salary protection, loan protection, sickness insurance and unemployment protection. You can get short term cover for up to 12 months or long term that last until you retire or go back to work.
Income protection (IP) is not to be confused with payment protection insurance (PPI). PPI covers a particular debt whereas income protection provides you with an income if you become unable to work due to illness or injury.

How to get income protection insurance quotes?

Income protection insurance can be complex and confusing, and we recommend that you seek advice before selecting a policy. Simply use our income protection insurance quote form to get quotes tailored to your circumstances. Our specialist income insurance providers will contact you to discuss the details and offer advice that you can trust. Try Paddy Compare and put your mind at ease today.

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