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Why get farm insurance?

Let's talk about farm insurance

Who needs farm insurance?

Finding the right farm insurance policy in Ireland is essential in order to protect you, your family and your livelihood. As a farmer, saving money couldn't be any more important. Whether you keep dairy cattle, poultry, produce cereal crops or farm sheep, Paddy Compare can help you get a better deal on your insurance today. We work with a range of farm insurance specialists from across Ireland to bring you the best prices on the market.

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What type of farm insurance do I need?

Every farm is unique and therefore your farm insurance should be too. A standard policy may include: farm buildings and contents cover; cover for your livestock; farm dwelling cover; cover for your farm vehicles, tractors and machinery; public liability and loss of income. We know that the farm can be a dangerous place to work, that is why most policies will include personal accident cover as standard. If you employ people on your farm, you may also need to consider employer's liability cover.

How much does farm insurance cost?

Farm insurance in Ireland can be costly but it is a small price to pay considering the risks involved in running a farm business. Each farm insurance policy will be priced differently depending on the type and size of your farm. The main factors include: the acreage of your farm; value of machinery; the number of agri vehicles; the number of employees and wages paid; and previous claims.

What are typical farm insurance claims?

The main types of claims on a farm insurance policy include: accidents on the farm; accidents involving machinery or tractors; storm damage to sheds and outbuildings; cattle escaping fields onto roads and causing accidents; injury to temporary workers; and spoilage of milk in the milking parlour.

What details do I need to get a farm insurance quote?

In order to get a farm insurance quote you will need to provide your personal contact details, details of your farm dwellings, the type and value of livestock, details of your outbuildings and contents, and the number and value of your farm machinery and vehicles. Your farm insurance policy can be complex with many different variables depending on your farming circumstances. That's why we recommend you use Paddy Compare to find the right farmers business insurance policy and to speak to a farm insurance specialist today.

Why Paddy Compare for farm insurance in Ireland?

Getting the right farm insuance policy is easy with Paddy Compare. Simply click on our get quotes button and complete our one page online farm insurance quote form. Our farm insurance specialists will then contact you with a quote directly. So get farm insurance quotes, save money and protect your farm, your livestock and your livelihood today.

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What extras can you get with farm insurance in Ireland?

Every farm insurance policy is different and will be tailored to your individual farming needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right farm insurance cover today.

Farm dwelling and contents insurance

Farm dwelling house and contents insurance is normally standard and will also cover the gates, walls, offices and garages immediately surrounding the house. Such a policy will provide storm and flood cover, theft and damage, and flood and fire.

Tractor and farm machinery insurance

Farm vehicle insurance is a must as your agri vehicles and tractors are vital to ensure the daily operation of your farm. The policy will have fully comp, third party or third party, fire and theft options, and may also include open driving at 16 years old.

Livestock insurance

Where would you be without your livestock? Livestock and pedigree animal insurance is a must. A typical policy will cover your livestock against fire and storms, during transit, or death by accident. More specialist cover may also be required for theft, sheep worrying, or accident, illness or disease to pedigree animals such as TB, Foot and Mouth and Brucellosis.

Personal accident

Often farmers have everything covered but themselves - how will your farm operate without you particularly in busy periods? Personal accident cover is a must in order to ensure your farm continues to operate should you be unable to work. Personal accident cover can also be extended to protect against death or permanent incapacity.

Liability insurance

Public liability insurance is a must in order to protect you against claims made for injuries to a third party or damage to their property during a visit to your farm. You will also need to consider employer's liability insurance to cover you against claims made by any employees for injuries sustained whilst working on your farm. Environmental farm liability insurance is also common within farm policies to cover you against any clean-up costs for accidental contamination of surrounding soils or water supplies.

Outbuildings and stock insurance

It is important to ensure your outbuildings and agri contents are covered against storm and fire damage. You should use the replacement cost to avoid being underinsured. You should also cover your agri contents to include: hay, straw, grains; tools; machinery and equipment; and milking equipment.

  • How often should I review my farm insurance?

    You should review your farm insurance regularly or as soon as you business changes. For example if you buy new machinery, increase your livestock or build a new outbuilding. It is important to ensure that the policy reflects your farm in its entirety.

  • Do I need employer's liability even if I don't have a full time employee?

    Yes, it is most important to have employer's liability cover, even for temporary workers. The farm can be a dangerous place to work and accidents can happen.

  • Is farm insurance required by law?

    Whilst farm insurance is not required by law, it is your livelihood and therefore most important to get insurance. Agri propelled vehicles are obliged to have third party cover by law.

  • What farm vehicles can be covered?

    You should be able to include all farm vehicles on your policy, just ensure to discuss them in details with your adviser. From tractors, agri vehicles, excavators, landrovers, jeeps and vans.

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