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Imported Car Insurance

Finding cheap insurance for your import car isn't always easy. Most brokers will view the vehicle as being non-standard and this can lead to an increased premium. By using Paddy Compare, you can get import car insurance with just one simple form. We look at the details of your car and driving history and put you in contact with a broker best suited to provide you with the cover you need and at the right price.

What's different about import car insurance?

There are two types of import car; a grey import and a parallel import. Grey imports are for vehicles that haven't been EU approved and are typically for the car enthusiasts for the more desirable / rare vehicles. The parallel imports are brought in from other EU countries with similar specifications and hence are approved. Insurers therefore find it difficult to put a value on the risk, due to the greater uncertainty around the vehicle and ability to source replacement parts should you be involved in an accident.

An import car insurance policy could include cover for a left hand drive vehicle, young drivers, modification and breakdown. The broker will also be interested in understanding whether you are buying the car from abroad and importing it to Ireland, or if you're moving and bringing your car with you. The usual types of policy will still apply: fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party.

How do I get quotes?

Whether it's the high spec engine, the modifications or simply the look, we know that there is something special about owning an import car. Our import car insurance partners cover all risk types to include cars from USA or Japan. Use Paddy Compare's one-page import car insurance quote form and get a tailored quote from a specialist broker today.

If your car isn't an imported model, you may wish to use our normal car insurance service.

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