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Why get landlord insurance?

Let's talk about landlord insurance

What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance in Ireland is a must if you are a landlord and own properties for rental purposes. Whether you are a landlord with a single property or if you have a large property portfolio it is important to get covered. A typical policy will cover the buildings and contents, rental income and provide an element of liability cover for accidental damage. Try Paddy Compare and get quotes today.

Do you own a rental property?

Do I need landlord insurance?

Whilst landlord insurance is not required by law it is strongly recommended that you take out insurance in order to protect against the risks associated with renting property to tenants. A standard home insurance policy will not provide sufficient cover if you own and rent out your property. Often if you are taking out a buy to let mortgage the lender may require you to show proof of landlord insurance.

What does landlord insurance cover?

A landlord insurance policy will provide buildings insurance for your investment property covering the value of your property, contents insurance covering the value of your building contents, and cover for loss of rents. You will be usually covered for: fire; flood; theft and vandalism; accidental damage; replacement key cover; and boiler breakdown.

How much does landlord insurance cost?

The cost of your landlord insurance will depend on a range of factors to include: the age, value and construction type of your property; your property location - if you are in an area of higher crime then you will be at greater risk of theft and vandalism, or if you live close to a river you will be subject to higher flood risk; insurers will consider the type of your tenants and if students you may pay more; and your claims history will be considered.

How do I get cheaper landlord insurance?

The best way to get cheaper landlord insurance in Ireland is to compare prices and speak to a broker. There is also a number of other actions you could take such as: increase the security at your property in order to reduce the risk of burglary; don't pay for policy extras that you do not need; keep your property in good condition; try to ensure it is occupied as much as possible; and avoid making small claims on your policy instead of building up your no claims bonus.

Why Paddy Compare for landlord insurance in Ireland?

At Paddy Compare we cater for all landlords and property owners, whether you are new to the buy to let property market needing insurance for the first time or an experienced landlord needing insurance to cover your portfolio of properties, we can help. By simply completing our one page online landlord insurance quote form, we will match your details up with our trusted landlord insurance brokers who will then contact you with a quote.

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What types of landlord insurance are available?

Every landlord insurance policy is different and will be tailored to your individual property rental needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right landlord insurance cover today.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance will cover you against damage to the structure of your property, the walls, and permanent fixtures, up to the value of your property.

Contents insurance

You can cover the contents of your property that belong to you, the landlord, to include your TV, sofa, fridge and appliances, with contents insurance. Ensure you value your contents appropriately.

Loss rent cover

Loss rent insurance will provide financial protection for you should your tenant be unable to live in your property due to physical damage.

Unoccupied insurance

If your property is unoccupied for a period of time, you can get cover - for example If you are waiting for a new tenant to move in.

Property owner's liability

Property owner's liability cover will protect you against injury to a third party at your property and it is deemed to be your fault.

Employer's liability

If you employ individuals to work in your properties then you may need to consider employer's liability cover in order to protect you against claims or damage.

  • Can you get immediate cover?

    Yes you will be able to get immediate cover. Simply confirm the details with one of our specialist landlord brokers and they will be able to arrange your insurance for you as soon as possible.

  • What details do I need to get a quote?

    You will need the details of your property and its value, the contents and their value, the type and number of tenants, and your contact details.

  • Can I get cover for flats and apartments?

    Yes you will be able to get insurance for any type of property. Some management companies may provide cover and therefore it is always best to check.

  • Will the cover continue if my tenants move out?

    Yes, in most cases the policy will continue for a period of time when the property is unoccupied to enable you the opportunity to find new tenants. Always ensure to confirm these details with your broker.

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