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Paddy Compare for Hairdressing Insurance

We know that as a busy hairdresser or barber you may not always have time to search for the cheapest or most suitable hairdressing insurance or barber insurance policies. From 'just a trim' to specialist treatments your clients expect care and expertise from the moment they arrive. With people relying on you, you need protection in case something goes wrong. At Paddy Compare we can help you cut away the risks as we aim to provide you with a hairdressers' insurance comparison service you can trust.

Why Hairdressing Insurance?

Hairdressing Insurance can cover both Freelance and Mobile Hairdressing Insurance. It exists to give financial protection for you, your premises and your customers, plus any specialist equipment, stock or tools. Every policy will vary but each can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. This can include activities such as application of dyes, tints, bleaches, perms or hair extensions. It doesn't matter if you visit your clients on a mobile basis, work from home or rent a chair within a salon; Paddy Compare will always be able to help you find the perfect Hairdressing Insurance cover to suit you and your individual style of work.

How to get Hairdressing Insurance quotes?

Hairdressing Insurance and Barber Insurance cover is easy with Paddy Compare. Simply complete our one page online hairdressing insurance quote form. We then match your details up with Irish Hairdressing Insurance Brokers that will contact you with competitive quotes. So use Paddy Compare, get freelance and mobile hairdressing insurance quotes to fit your business and save money today.

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