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Why get motorhome insurance?

Let's talk about motorhome insurance

Why motorhome insurance?

If you love to travel, then you more then likely will own motorhome. Motorhome insurance in Ireland is needed not only because it is a legal requirement but to give you peace of mind when at home, travelling or at your destination. At Paddy Compare we understand that for many people their motorhome is more than just a vehicle, it is your home on the road and can be for many months of the year. Therefore securing your motorhome with quality insurance is essential in order to allow you relax, experience the true motorhome lifestyle and enjoy the great outdoors.

Are you a motorhome owner?

What type of cover do I need?

If you own a motorhome then finding the right motorhome insurance cover is very important otherwise you will not be able to drive it legally on the roads. The type of motorhome insurance you will need will depend greatly on your personal needs and the make and model of motorhome you have. The right policy will cover the costs of repairing or replacing your motorhome, if stolen, in an accident or in the event of fire. At Paddy Compare we can help find the right motorhome insurance to suit you today to ensure you will be adequately protected financially should something happen to your motorhome.

What is covered?

As with car insurance there are three main levels of motorhome cover available: Third-party cover, will only pay out for damage to third parties and is the minimum level of cover you are requirement to have to drive a motorhome in Ireland. Third party, fire and theft, is the next level up and also protects you against fire damage and theft. Fully comprehensive cover, is the most extensive cover and protects you for at-fault damage. You may also want to consider Travel cover, if you plan to travel aboard. Most motorhome insurance policies will also include cover for your passengers, equipment cover, breakdown cover and windscreen cover.

How much does motorhome insurance cost?

Motorhome insurance can be varied and often expensive. The cost will depend on a number of factors to include: the make and model of your vehicle, the value, the annual mileage, the secruity features on the vehicle and storage. It will also depend on your claims history and whether you wish to travel abroad. Therefore it is important to discuss you requirements in full with one of our trusted brokers, and shop around to compare prices from a range of motorhome insurance Ireland specialists using Paddy Compare. How you use your motorhome will affect your policy and the cost of your policy, and you will be asked to confirm these details when obtaining a quote. Like a car you could use your vehicle for social, business and pleasure.

How do I get cheap motorhome insurance quotes?

You could potentially reduce the cost of your motorhome insurance premium in Ireland by: improving vehicle security such as having cameras to lower the likelihood of your motorhome being stolen; building up the number of years no claims; keeping your mileage to a minimum; building up your no claims bonus; joining a motorhome club; or increasing your excess. You could also save by comparing prices using Paddy Compare and speaking to our partner motorhome insurance specialists today.

Why Paddy Compare for motorhome insurance in Ireland?

At Paddy Compare you can get cheap motorhome insurance quotes in minutes. Simply complete our online motorhome insurance quote form and we will match your details with motorhome insurance brokers from across Ireland. Our partner insurers will then contact you with a competitive quote. It does not matter about the make or model, the number of miles you do or where you travel to, our motorhome insurance providers can help. So for cheap motorhome insurance quotes in Dublin, Limerick, Galway or anywhere in Ireland, get a motorhome quote at Paddy Compare today.

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What other types of motorhome insurance add-ons are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual motorhome needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right motorhome insurance cover today.

Liability cover

Liability cover will protect you against accidents and damage caused to third parties.

Accidental damage

Accidental damage cover will provide support should you accidently damage your vehicle.

Breakdown assistance cover

Breakdown assistance is a must if you are doing a lot of miles in your vehicle, the last thing you want is to be stuck at the roadside during your holiday. The cost of repair and getting towed can be costly. could be crucial given the amount of time you spend on the road. The last thing you want to do is breakdown whilst on holiday.

Awnings cover

An awning can provide that extra space needed for you and your family during your holiday, and cover could be available up to €2,000.

Contents cover

You can insure the contents of your campervan, such as any furniture and electrical appliances, TVs and cookers.

Windscreen cover

Windscreen cover again can come in handy should your vehicle windscreen get chipped or damaged whilst on the road.

  • What do I need to get a quote?

    You will need the details of your motorhome, the make, model, the claims history, the value and the mileage. Details of the security and storage. You will also need your contact details to hand. Some brokers may also require photographs of your vehicle in order to be able to provide the most accurate quote.

  • What is not covered by motorhome insurance?

    Unfortunately motorhome insurance can’t cover everything, therefore it is important to check you policy carefully to see what is and is not included. Common scenarios that aren’t usually covered by motorhome insurance include: Damage to your motorhome through general wear and tear; Theft through lack of security such as leaving a window open; General punctures and cuts to your tyres; or pet damage.

  • How much should I insure my vehicle for?

    You should insure your vehicle for the cost to replace to new the motorhome in the event that it is damaged beyond repair. You should also consider the value of any contents within your motorhome.

  • I rent my motorhome out, do I need public liability cover?

    Yes this is recommended, and will cover you against any claims made by third parties during their use of your motorhome. You should be sure to discuss these details with one of our partner brokers in full.