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A comprehensive guide to getting cheap van insurance in Ireland

Find here the tips to cut the cost of your van insurance premium.

  • By Paddy Compare
  • 01 September 2023

Van insurance is legally compulsory and otherwise, advisable for the safety of your assets. Van insurance in Ireland can be expensive and can have a significant effect on your savings. There are, still, a few ways which can help you get a cheaper premium on your van insurance.

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How can paying annually help you get cheaper van insurance premiums?

Paying for your van insurance on an annual basis can save you money in the long run. When you choose to pay your insurance premium for the entire year, you save yourself the interest charges that come with monthly payment plans.

Insurance companies often charge extra when you choose to spread out your payments over several months. By paying annually, you eliminate these extra costs and save a significant amount over time.

How will strengthening your van security help gain discounts on van insurance?

Enhancing the security of your van makes it less vulnerable to theft, enabling you for a discount on your van insurance. There are many ways to improve your van's security, for example, by installing alarms, trackers or immobilisers. They increase the difficulty for potential thieves and make your van less attractive as a target.

Insurance companies acknowledge these security measures and may offer you reduced premiums. It's beneficial for both sides - your van is better protected, and you save money on insurance.

How can avoiding van modifications cut my insurance costs?

When it comes to van insurance, modifications can lead to higher premiums. The modified parts of your van would be harder to find and more expensive to replace.

The cost of insurance is also influenced by the make and engine size of your van. To keep your insurance costs low, you should try to stick to the original specifications of your van.

How can avoiding auto-renewing help save money on your van insurance?

Allowing your insurance policy to auto-renew is a convenient choice, but it could also mean missing out on potential savings.

Insurance markets are competitive, and prices can vary widely between providers. It's in your best interest to take the time to compare insurance quotes from different companies.

You should look at maximum quotes, compare their insurance features, carefully analyse the terms and conditions and then choose the policy to suit both your needs and budget.

How does building a no-claims bonus help you get cheap van insurance?

Your no-claims bonus is a valuable asset that can lead to substantial savings over time. By not making claims for minor repairs, you demonstrate your safe driving record to insurers.

This record can translate into a no-claims bonus, which, in turn, can significantly lower your insurance premiums. It's a wise choice to try and continue maintaining that record. This way you don't lose your hard-earned discount and can make a claim in the future, too.

How can adding an expert van driver help you save on insurance premiums?

Including an experienced named driver on your insurance policy can sometimes lead to discounts. Insurance companies view additional experienced drivers as low-risk. On the other hand, adding a younger or inexperienced driver can increase your insurance premium because they're seen as high-risk.

The presence of a skilled driver can suggest that the van will be in capable hands, reducing the likelihood of accidents or claims. Before adding a named driver, ensure that they have a good driving record. This can have a positive impact on your insurance premium.

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