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Why get electric motorbike insurance?

Let's talk about electric motorbike insurance

Who needs electric motorbike insurance?

It is mandatory by law to have insurance coverage for your motorbike in Ireland, regardless if it is electric or petrol powered. The Road Traffic Act states that all motor vehicles must be insured against third-party liability. Riding without insurance can result in penalties, fines, or even the suspension of your driving privileges. At Paddy Compare we have partnered with Carole Nash in order to provide you with some of the best quotes available on the market for your electric motorbike. Caole Nash have been providing motorbike insurance in Ireland for over 35 years. Simply complete the online quote form to get a quote and buy online, or contact them directly via phone on 1800 818 774.

Are you a electric motorbike owner?

Why is electric motorbike insurance needed?

Electric motorbike insurance provides financial protection in case of accidents, damages, theft, or other incidents involving your electric motorbike. It helps cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your bike, ensuring you are not burdened with significant expenses in the event of an unfortunate incident. An electric bike can be a very efficient and green way of travelling. By having electric motorbike insurance, you comply with legal requirements and protect yourself, and others, and it will offer you that peace of mind.

What types of electric motorbike insurance covers are available?

Third-Party Liability Coverage: This is the most basic and mandatory coverage required by law. It covers your legal liability for injuries to other people or damage to their property caused by your scooter. If you are at fault in an accident, this coverage helps pay for the medical expenses, property repairs, or legal costs of the affected party. Comprehensive coverage is optional but highly recommended. It provides coverage for damages to your own scooter resulting from accidents, theft, fire, vandalism, or other covered perils. If your scooter is damaged or stolen, comprehensive coverage helps cover the repair or replacement costs.

What optional extras may be available?

Some of the optional extras may include helmet cover, breakdown assistance, legal expenses, or personal accident benefits. These optional add-ons can further enhance the protection and coverage provided by your insurance policy.

What types of electric motorbikes are covered?

You can get cover for all types of electric motorbikes such as Super Soco TC Max, NIU RQi Sport, Zero DSR/X, Energica Experia, and Maeving RM-1. Kawasaki are set to join the market with electric machines in 2023. Carole Nash can cover all types of electric motorbike, simply complete the quote and buy online form today.

How to get cheaper electric motorbike insurance quotes?

You could reduce the cost of your electric motorbike insurance policy by keeping a clean driving record, improving the security on your vehicle and where it is kept at night, limiting your mileage, and pay for your policy annually. Discounts may also be available if you joined a club.

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