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Paddy Compare for builders insurance in Ireland?

Builders insurance is very important. Builders can be involved in many projects, be self-employed, work for construction firms, be a sub contractor or run their own business, therefore each policy can be very different. At Paddy Compare you can quickly compare builders insurance policies from specialist brokers across Ireland with just one form.

Why builders insurance?

If you are a builder, then having the right builders insurance policy is critical to your very existence and the operation of your trade. In particular, some builders can be involved in dangerous or hazardous work; working at heights and often in public places or client premises and so the risks are real.

Builders insurance is a broad term and policies often include public liability cover, employer's liability insurance, cover for any plant, tools or equipment and an element of financial loss cover. Public liability cover is the main consideration in order to protect you against any claims by third parties for injury or loss as a result of your work.

How to get cheap builders insurance quotes?

Yes, the cost of builder insurance in Ireland has fallen in recent years, but it still is important to compare prices. Builder insurance can be complex and price varies depending on turnover, sub contractors, claims history and type of work. Use Paddy Compare to get some of the best builders insurance quotes on the market and speak to a builder insurance specialist today.

Why Paddy Compare?

  • Compare prices from local specialists
  • Free and no obligation service
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Simple one-page quote forms
  • Save money on your insurance
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