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Paddy Compare for Mobile Home insurance

Mobile home insurance keeps your static caravan covered when you're not on the road. Normal house insurance isn't suitable for a mobile home. Specialist insurance from Paddy Compare's insurance brokers will ensure you are covered against theft, fire, accidental damage, storms and flooding. Coverage for static caravans may include accidental cosmetic damages and contents replacement.

Do I need Mobile Home Insurance?

It may be a requirement of your caravan park that you have insurance for your mobile home. Even if this isn't the case, insurance will provide peace of mind should something go wrong. Mobile home insurance will provide similar cover to home insurance, however static caravans are more vulnerable to break-ins and storm damage compared to brick-built structures. If you rent out your caravan this may be seen as a higher risk and attract higher premiums. If you rent out your mobile home, you may also consider public liability insurance which will cover you in the event that a guest injures themselves whilst staying in your caravan. When seeking insurance, you may be asked about BS 3632 specifications. This is the British Standard for buildings of this type and related to factors such as insulation, ventilation and space. When buying a mobile home you should ensure your vehicle meets these specifications.

How to get a mobile home quote at Paddy Compare?

Rather than taking out insurance from your caravan park's insurance provider, you will likely be able to save money by using Paddy Compare to compare quotes from across brokers in Ireland. Paddy Compare makes this process easy to compare mobile home insurance across Ireland. With just one simple quote form, Paddy Compare lets you compare caravan insurance from a range of static caravan insurance brokers. The service is simple and free to use, so try us today to save money on your insurance quotations, and use the savings to have more to spend on your weekends and holidays away in your mobile home.

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