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You can get cheap insurance quotes in Ireland from our trusted local insurance brokers in a matter of minutes. Simply follow these four easy steps:

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Select a product

Simply select the insurance product you need a quote for e.g. car, home or van insurance.

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Online quote form

Complete our one page online quote form by entering your policy and contact details.

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Select the Get Quotes button.

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Speak to a broker

Our trusted local insurance brokers will contact you with quotes in minutes.

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At Paddy Compare our mission is to help you save money and find affordable insurance in Ireland. We work with a range of trusted local insurance specialists that will contact you directly with quotes.

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How can we assist with your insurance needs?

The requirement

Do I need insurance in Ireland?

If you want to drive a car, van, motorbike or another vehicle such as a truck, taxi, or campervan on the road in Ireland then you will need insurance as it is a legal requirement. Whilst home insurance, life insurance, business insurance and other types of insurance are not a required by law in Ireland, they are strongly recommended in order to cover you and your business in the event that something could go wrong, such as accidents, damage, theft or vandalism. The answer therefore will very much depend on your insurance needs, requirements and personal circumstances.

The cost

What impacts the cost of insurance?

The cost of your insurance will vary depending on the product, your needs, the risks involved to the insurer, and your circumstances. Some of the main factors impacting the price of your insurance could include: your location, if you live in a higher crime rate area you will usually pay more; your age, if you are younger you can be seen as higher risk; your claims history, if you have a strong no claims record you could save money; and your occupation, if you work in a riskier business the cost of your premium could be higher.

save money

How do I save on my insurance?

You can take a number of simple actions to try and reduce the cost of your insurance to include: building up your no claims bonus; increasing your excess; pay your insurance in one go as opposed to paying monthly; review your policy add-ons to ensure you are not paying for extras that you do not need; and shop around and compare insurance quotes online. It is very important to discuss the details of your policy with your broker in full. Remember, the cheapest policy is not always the right policy for you.

Next steps

How do I get insurance quotes?

By completing our online one page quote form for your chosen product Paddy will match your details up with specialist brokers from our panel of trusted providers, who will then contact you directly with quotes. You will need to have your policy details such as your claims history, driving history, business type, licence details to hand in order to complete the quote form. You will also need to provide your contact details to include your contact telephone number and email address to enable our partners to make contact. Paddy Compare provides a free and independent service, and you can get quotes in a matter of minutes. Whether you need car insurance or life insurance, live in Dublin or Cork, self-employed or an accountant, we can help you with your insurance needs.

Why choose Paddy Compare?

Easy Comparison

Get quotes in minutes by simply completing our one page online quote forms. Click on a product to start saving today.

Instant Results

Within minutes you could be speaking to a broker to confirm your details and get a tailored quote. Our results page will show you which of our local trusted partners that you can expect a call from.


Our service is free and easy to use, totally independent, and there is no obligation. So give us a try and see how much you could save today.

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