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A comprehensive guide to optional extras with van insurance

Everything to know about customising your van insurance for better protection.

  • By Paddy Compare
  • 05 September 2023

When it comes to insuring your van, it's important to understand the various add-ons available. These add-ons help tailor your insurance to your specific needs, ensuring you're adequately covered in all situations.

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What are add-ons in van insurance?

Add-ons are additional covers that can be included in your policy, at an additional price, depending on your needs. These extra options help to customise your policy to precisely fit what you need.

These may or may not be included in the policy plan you pick.

What is breakdown cover?

Van breakdowns can leave you stranded on the roadside or delay an important delivery of goods. A Breakdown cover ensures that you're back on the road as soon as possible, without unnecessary delays in your plans.

If your van experiences a mechanical failure or an unexpected glitch, this add-on provides assistance from professionals who can either fix the issue or tow your van to a nearby garage.

It can be cheaper to buy breakdown cover independently from your van insurance. To ensure you're getting the best value for your money, it's always advised to compare the cost of breakdown cover in both cases.

What is personal accident cover?

Accidents can have severe consequences, both medically and financially. Personal accident cover provides compensation to you and your passengers for injuries sustained during an accident.

Personal accident cover assists you with medical expenses so you can focus on recovery without worrying about the financial burden.

What is windscreen protection?

A cracked or shattered windscreen can impair your visibility and compromise your safety.
Windscreen protection ensures that any damage to your van's windscreen is swiftly repaired or replaced. This add-on covers repairing small cracks to big damages, ensuring that you have a clear view of the road ahead.

What is full bonus protection?

Earning a no-claims bonus is a testament to your safe driving record. With full bonus protection, even if you make a claim, your hard-earned no-claims discount remains intact.

This add-on prevents your insurance premium from skyrocketing after a claim, so you can continue enjoying the benefits of a reduced premium.

What is a key cover?

Losing your van keys or having them stolen can be a headache. Key cover protects you from the cost of replacing or recording your keys. This add-on can often include coverage for locksmith charges as well.

With key cover, you can swiftly get back behind the wheel without incurring hefty expenses.

What is the legal costs cover?

Accidents can often lead to piled-up legal claims. This legal costs add-on covers legal expenses, including court fees and solicitor charges, in case you need to pursue a claim or defend yourself against one.

Legal costs cover helps you navigate legal matters without breaking the bank.

What is a trailer cover?

If you frequently haul a trailer with your van, a trailer cover can be a valuable add-on for you. It provides coverage for your trailer against theft, damage, or accidents while it's attached to your van.

What is the equipment cover?

This add-on is crucial for tradespeople who use their van to transport tools and equipment. Equipment cover protects your valuable tools and machinery against theft or damage.

Whether you're a carpenter, plumber, or electrician, having your tools covered means you can continue working without interruption.

What is public liability cover?

Accidents involving public property or third parties can result in legal claims. Public liability cover provides you coverage for legal costs and compensation in these cases.

This add-on ensures that you're financially protected in case a third party makes a claim against you.

What is the wrong fuel cover?

Misfuelling your van can cause severe damage to the engine.

The wrong fuel cover assists in draining and cleaning your fuel system if you accidentally use the incorrect fuel. This add-on can save you from costly repairs and downtime due to fuel-related issues.

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