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Having driving convictions on your licence can significantly increase the cost of your insurance. At Paddy Compare we know that every driver's circumstances are different, especially when it comes to driving history. Some drivers may have numerous convictions on their licence but Paddy doesn't judge you. In fact Paddy Compare could help you find cheap convicted driver insurance in Ireland.

Do I need convicted driver insurance?

It pays to shop around for car insurance and even more so if you have any convictions on your licence. There are three main types of car insurance cover, from fully comprehensive which provides complete cover, third party fire and theft and to third party which is the minimum legal requirement.

The penalty point system was introduced in Ireland in October 2002 in an effort to increase driver behaviour, hence reducing the number of accidents on the roads. The system is governed by the Road Traffic Act 2002 and covers 48 motoring offences. Convictions include not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, driving when unfit, driving without insurance and dangerous driving.

Convicted driver insurance quotes

If you have any convictions on your licence, been disqualified from driving or have been issued with a court fine, all hope is not lost. Most convicted driver insurers know that everyone makes mistakes and that you have probably learnt your lesson. Just enter your details on our online convicted driver insurance quote form. Paddy will then match your details up with convicted driver insurance brokers who will contact you with competitive convicted insurance quotes. So give it a go and find out how much you could save.

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