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Why get young driver insurance?

Let's talk about young driver insurance

Why young driver insurance?

Have you just passed your driving test and wanting to get on the road but struggling to find affordable insurance? We understand that if you are under the age of 25, it can be very difficult to find cheap car insurance for young drivers in Ireland. The good news is, you have come to the right place. At Paddy Compare we can help you find affordable young driver insurance to get you covered and on the road as soon as possible. Having motor insurance is a legal requirement in Ireland.

Are you a young driver?

What type of car insurance do young drivers need?

There are three main types of car insurance that you can choose from: fully comprehensive; third party, fire and theft; and third party. A fully comprehensive policy will protect you, your vehicle and other drivers from any damage you may cause in the event of an accident, and cover you for fire and theft. A third party, fire and theft policy will cover you for damage to others or their vehicles, and fire and theft of your own vehicle. Third party is the lowest level of cover, and only protects against damage you cause to others, their vehicle and property, it is typically the most expensive of the three.

How much does young driver insurance cost?

In Ireland young driver insuance can be very costly and therefore it is important to compare prices and shop around. By completing our young driver insurance quote form our specialist young driver insurance broker partners will contact you directly to discuss your circumstances and provide you with an affordable quote. The main two factors will be the type of licence and your age. Research suggests that the price of insurance for a full licence holder is almost 20% less than that for a learner's permit. We also know that the price reduces considerably for every year you get older between the ages of 17 and 25.

Why is young driver cover more expensive?

Young drivers are unfortunately classed as risky by insurers as they are young, lacking experience and therefore more likely to be involved in an accident than some other age groups, and making a claim in the first 2 years.

How do I make young driver insurance cheaper?

Some insurers will offer discounts if you have an experienced named driver on the young driver policy, or if you have taken an advanced driving skills courses, or if you have taken a minimum of ten lessons from a well regarded driving instructor. The cost will also depend on the vehicle make and the engine size of your car - it is best to choose a small vehicle.

Why Paddy Compare for young driver insurance in Ireland?

At Paddy Compare we work with a range of specialist brokers that can cover all types vehicle makes and models and have experience providing quotes for under 25 year olds in Ireland. Simply complete our one page quote form and let our specialist brokers contact you quotes.

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What other types of young driver insurance and add ons are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your young driver needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right young driver insurance cover today.

Black box or telematics insurance cover

Black box or telematics insurance cover in Ireland involves fitting a small device to your car that can monitor your driving, your speed and general usage. This is encouraged by many insurers due to your lack of driving history and they could offer discounts as a result.

Breakdown cover

You could add breakdown cover on as an option extra, meaning that your vehicle would be recovered in the event of a breakdown.

Key cover

Key cover may be something you could benefit if you have a tendancy of losing your keys. We also know that the price of purchasing a new key, particularly the immobilisers is expensive.

  • Is it cheaper to add my parents onto the policy?

    Yes, it is typically cheaper to add an experienced named driver to your policy.

  • What is fronting?

    Fronting occurs when a more experienced driver falsely poses as the main driver on the licence and thus reduces the cost of the premium for a younger driver. This is illegal and is a form of insurance fraud and you can be prosecuted if caught.

  • Can I get no claims bonus?

    Yes you can get no claims bonus, however you will need to build this up from year 1 as the no claims bonus attaches to the record of the main driver.

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