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Minibuses are excellent vehicles for transporting groups of people around the country. They are used by many and we understand the minibus insurance needs of schools, businesses, churches, clubs, charities and many other organisations. At Paddy Compare you can compare minibus insurance for any scenario and get tailored policies to suit your every need.

Why minibus insurance?

Transporting people in any vehicle is a big responsibility. If you drive a minibus and are in charge of your passengers' safety, having the right minibus insurance is essential, in case something goes wrong. The roads can be a dangerous place and it doesn't have to be your fault to get caught in an accident. You should always check your vehicle before every journey and ensure that all passengers use their seat belt.

A typical minibus insurance policy will cover you and your passengers whilst on the road. You can choose between fully comprehensive, third party and third party fire and theft. Although fully comprehensive insurance is always recommended we would suggest you discuss the benefits of each with your minibus insurer. You can obtain minibus insurance cover for a variety of uses such as social domestic and pleasure, business, public or private hire, education and charity. Other optional minibus insurance policy extras include legal expenses, breakdown and windscreen cover. The cost of your minibus premium will depend on vehicle use, number of passengers and experience of the drivers.

How to get minibus insurance quotes?

Getting minibus insurance in Ireland is easy when you use Paddy Compare. Simply complete our online minibus insurance quote form and you could be saving within minutes. We will need some details about your minibus and a few details about yourself. Then we search the minibus insurance market for you and put you in contact with our trusted minibus insurance providers. Paddy Compare is free and quick to use. So if you want cheap tailored minibus insurance quotes, try Paddy Compare today.

Why Paddy Compare?

  • Compare prices from local specialists
  • Free and no obligation service
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Simple one-page quote forms
  • Save money on your insurance
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