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Why transfer a pension?

Have you changed employment during your career and left a work place pension behind? If so, you are not alone, as on average most of us will change jobs 5 times over our lifetime. If this is you, then it may be a good time to transfer all of your pensions into one place. However because each scheme is different and with the legislation involved around pensions it is important to speak to a Qualified Financial Advisor. Simply complete our online pension quote form and speak to a trusted advisor today.

Keeping track of your pensions

How can I find my pensions?

To find the value of your pensions you will need to track down and contact your previous employers. If you have had multiple previous jobs it can be difficult tracking down all of your money. Therefore it is often best to seek the help of a professional advisor.

When should I transfer my pension?

Have you either changed job or left employment? You may wish to transfer your previous pot to that of your new employer, and bring everything under one roof. Remember that your pension will go up and down depending on the performance of the market and the funds it is invested in. You may also be able to access 25% of your fund as tax free cash if you transfer. If you think the time is right, speak to an advisor today.

What are the advantages of combining your pensions?

There can be a range of advantages of transferring your pensons into one place to include: reduced fees, charges and commissions; greater flexibility in terms of investing and fund choices; ability to see all of your money in one place; and the potential to access your funds earlier from the age of 50. However with every decision there can be pros and cons and depending on the scheme type it may be beneficial to keep some of your funds in an existing scheme. It is important to discuss the details with one of our advisors.

How to transfer my pensions?

Transferring pensions is easy with Paddy Compare, by simply completing our one page online pension quote form, our partner pension provider will contact you directly by telephone and email to discuss your circumstances and advise you accordingly. It is important to speak to the professionals before you make any decisions. Complete the quote form and put your retirement worries at ease today. We work with a range of local pension experts from across Ireland.

What can I transfer to?

What you can and cannot transfer will depend on your existing policies and the scheme rules. You can transfer from an occupational scheme to a buy out bond or a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) which will allow you to hold the funds personally. You can transfer from a PRSA to another PRSA. You can transfer from occupational scheme to another occupational scheme. The rules of each can be complex, therefore it is important to speak one of our trusted pension experts today.

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What types of pension are available?

Every pension policy is different and will be tailored to your needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right pension for you today.

Occupational pension

An occupational pension is pension provided by your employer. There is no legal obligation for an employer to provide a work place pension in Ireland, whilst most larger corporations will. The rules of each can vary depending on the scheme and will generally be regulated by the Pensions Authority.

Defined contribution pension plan

A defined contribution plan is a type of occupational pension, where the contributions are fixed by agreement. You and your employer will pay in at a set percentage of your salary. The contributions grow the fund over time which is in turn invested to ensure the real value is not reduced by inflation.

Defined benefit pension plan

A defined benefit plan is a type of occupational pension, whereby the benefit is set in advance and typically linked to the length of service. The amount of benefit is defined by reference to your earnings, an index, a length of service or a fixed amount, for example half of your final salary if you have 30 years service.


A buy-out-bond is a particularly policy that allows you to transfer your pension funds from your occupational pension. This will allow you then to transfer funds from your defined contribution or defined beneft schemes into a buy-out-bond, and enable you to hold the funds personally and invest as you see fit.

Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA)

A PRSA is a long term personal pension plan which allows you the flexibility to save for your retirement on your own terms. You can make regular contributions which are tax deductible up to certain limits. Most people can get a PRSA but they are particularly useful for individuals with no pension.

Retirement annuity contracts

A retirement annuity contract or RAC is simply a more formal name for a personal pension plan and is a type of insurance contract. A RAC is approved by the Revenue and allows tax relief on contributions made by the individual. A RAC will provide a tax free lump sum within certain limits and usually a pension at retirement.

  • How long does a pension take to transfer?

    It could take up from between 6-8 weeks to transfer your pension and complete the necessary documentation. If you have already obtained the details of your existing pensions from your previous employers that will speed up the process. Whilst it does take some time, your pension advisor will ensure things are moving along and keep you updated.

  • Can I transfer a pension to a spouse?

    This can be a complex area and the ability to transfer your pension to a spouse will depend on the scheme rules. It is therefore important to speak to a pension advisor in Ireland.

  • What are transfer values?

    You may have been hearing a lot in the news lately about the transfer value of pensions in Ireland. If you are a member of a defined benefit scheme, the trustees may offer you a transfer value, thus allowing you to transfer to a defined contribution scheme. The risk then passes to you personally so it is important to understand the details. As always, it is best to speak to a local pension advisor that can help you make the right decision.

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