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Why get shop insurance?

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Why shop insurance?

Shop insurance in Ireland is very important as you are more than likely in constant contact with customers and the public. As every shop is different, every shop insurance policy is different and tailored to suit your individual business needs. So whether you own an antique dealer shop, book shop, bakery, chemist, newsagent, toy shop or wedding shop, from A to Z, Paddy Compare has got you covered.

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What type of shop insurance cover do I need?

Most shop insurance packages are fully comprehensive and provide cover against theft, flood, damage and fire. The main area to consider is public liability insurance, as this will protect the shop against claims for injuries or damage to property from members of the public whilst on your premises. Employer's liability insurance should also be considered if you employ any persons in your shop. Your contents and stock need to be covered from theft and damage so again this is another key aspect to your shop insurance policy.

What kind of professions are covered?

Our partner brokers cover thousands of types of shops and professions in Ireland every year. Examples include food retail, newsagents, arts and crafts, grocery, clothing, cake maker, baker, gift and charity shops, and boutique insurance policies. They also cover shops nationwide, and with the use of technology now, you can connect via Zoom and discuss your requirements from anywhere.

Are there any optional extras?

Other things to look out for include; whether you need buildings insurance, insure stock at cost and not retail price, be aware of the difference in contents cover and fixtures and fittings cover as they protect different items and always check the policy documents before you buy. You could also get personal accident cover or cyber insurance cover.

How much does shop insurance cost?

Shop insurance can start from as little as €300. The cost of shop insurance can vary considerably and depend on the type of shop, the interaction with the public, the risks involved, the product you sell and your location. The cost of premium may be higher if you operate your shop in the City centre, such as Dublin or Galway. It will also depend on your level of no claims bonus.

Why Paddy Compare for shop insurance in Ireland?

Are you a shop owner in need of shop insurance or simply looking to better your renewal? If so, then you have come to the right place. At Paddy Compare we understand that finding the right shop insurance policy can be difficult. That's why by using our online shop insurance comparison service we can save you time and money. Our partner shop insurance specialists will contact you directly with quotes.

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What are the main types of shop insurance cover available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual business needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers and get the right shop insurance cover today.

Buildings insurance

Building insurance cover is very important, and will cover you for the estimated cost of rebuilding your shop in the event of fire, storm, flood, malicious damage and water damage. You should use the estimated costs to rebuild your shop as opposed to the market value.

Public liability insurance

Is your shop open to the public, if so then public liability insurance will protect you against claims made by a third party for injury to themselves or damage to their property whilst at your premises.

Employers' liability insurance

Employers' liability will cover you against claims made by your employees and protects you against injury or death sustained whilst they are at work in your shop.

Stock and contents insurance

This will cover the value of the contents of your shop to includes stocks, fixtures and fittings in the event of fire, theft, and flood damage.

Business interruption cover

Business interruption cover will help you and your business continue as a going concern following a period of lost earnings for an event or incident that is specified in the policy. You may also be covered for loss of income or profit as a result of a claim.

Money cover

Own and operate a cash business? If you have takings and hold cash at your shop, in tills, a lock box or in a safe during business hours or overnight, this cover could be essential. The level depends on the sums of cash, security and type of business involved.

  • Most common claims?

    Some typical claims include: slips, trips and falls; injury to employees; theft; fire and flood damage; burst pipes and business interruption issues.

  • What details will I need to get a quote?

    You will need the details of your shop, annual turnover, products, sum insured and claims history details to hand. Our partner brokers will confirm all details with you over the phone.

  • What can I do to help?

    Train your staff, run first aid training, improve the security at your premises, fire strategies and ensure the shop is kept clean and tidy. The old saying remains true, a clean shop is a safe shop.

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