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Why get log cabin insurance?

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Why log cabin insurance?

Owning a log cabin is a great way to get back to nature as most are located in rural areas such as mountain parks, forests or coastal areas throughout Ireland. Whether you're living in your Log Cabin permanently or using it as a holiday home, including renting it out, many mainstream insurers are reluctant to offer cover for Log Cabins because of their timber construction. At Paddy Compare we can offer you peace of mind and put you in direct contact with log cabin insurance specialists from across Ireland. We know how important your Log Cabin can be to you and your family. That is why we want to make sure that finding the right cover at an affordable price doesn't have to be difficult.

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What level of cover do I need?

The log cabin insurance you obtain should include all the usual perils associated with building insurance however as log cabins aren't made of traditional bricks and mortar, it's essential that you make sure it is protected against a range of damages. If there is a flood or a fire in your Log Cabin, damage to your timber framed home can be much worse than homes of standard construction. It is therefore essential that your cover will include protection to the timber frames, kits and flat roofs. If you are renting out your Log Cabin, then your policy should also include loss of rental income in the event of, for example, a fire.

How much does log cabin insurance cost?

The cost of cabin cover will depend on a range of factors, but mainly the type and complexity construction, location and the risk of flood or damage. Whether log cabin is constructed from a kit or if you have a custom architect-designed property, the fact that your home is built of wood is enough to cause problems getting insurance cover at a reasonable price. It is essential that the log cabins are protected from both the elements and human damage whether they are occupied or unoccupied.

Why use Paddy Compare for Log Cabin insurance?

At Paddy Compare, we appreciate your Log Cabin is not only for your relaxation but also an investment that needs to be protected. Simply complete our Log Cabin Insurance quote form and our trusted Log Cabin Insurance brokers will contact you with tailored quotes to suit your home.

What will a policy typically include?

The typical log cabin insurance policy will provide cover similar to that of a home or holiday home policy, and cover you against damages, theft or fire.

Can I speak to a specialist?

Our specialist log cabin insurance brokers will contact you to understand your insurance needs and provide you with a quote that suits.

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What other types of log cabin insurance and add ons are available?

Every policy is different and tailored to your individual motoring needs and circumstances, speak to our advisers today and get the right log cabin insurance cover today.

Self-build cover

If you built the log cabin yourself, then a self-build policy could provide you with a better deal.

Holiday-home cover

If you only use your log cabin as a holiday home, and perhaps rent it out during the year, then a holiday home policy will cover you against accidental damage and provide public liability protection.

Legal protection

Legal protection may be an optional policy add on, covering the cost of any legal costs in the event of a claim.

Key Cover

Key cover could be obtained to cover the costs of lost keys.

Home emergency cover

Home emergency cover will cover the costs of call outs for fixes from leaking pipes, electricity failures, and boiler breakdowns.

Buildings and contents

Depending on the cost of the contents in your log cabin, you may wish to insure your home contents.

  • What type of log cabins are covered?

    Our partner brokers can cover all types of log cabins, such as self-builds, kits, timber frames, architect designs and flat roofs. Simply complete the one page quote form and get a quote today.

  • How can I save on log cabin insurance?

    Discounts may be available if you can provide the details of home security features or alarm systems.

  • What are the benefits of a timber frame building?

    Timber framed homes usually have excellent insulation potential, and in times of rising electricity and oil prices, this could prove to be a great solution for keeping the costs of heating your home down.

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