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What you get with Paddy Compare Life insurance?

We will do the hard work for you and put you in contact with Life insurance brokers that are ready to help and provide you with great quotes.

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Q1. What is life insurance and how does it work?

Life can be unpredictable. Life insurance provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your family will be financially supported should you pass away or get diagnosed with an illness. Most life insurance policies will run from 20 to 30 years but can be tailored to suit you and your family's needs.

Q2. Who needs life insurance?

Big life changes like getting married, starting a family, having a baby, or buying a home mark a good time to think about life insurance. In case of a tragedy, life insurance financially secures your family and can be useful as a regular income, to pay off debts, or even help pay for medical treatments.

Q3. How much does life insurance cost?

The cost of life insurance cover will vary depending on your circumstances, the length of cover required, your age, and most importantly your health.

Average Cost

€150 to €250

*data collected in December 2021

Q4. What are the types of life insurance policies?

There are three main types of life insurance - Term Life Insurance, Whole of Life Insurance, and Mortgage Protection Insurance. You should choose the one that meets the needs of you and your dependants.

Term life insurance

This is the most extensive coverage you can get. It includes:

  • A fixed lump sum that stays the same throughout your policy term.
  • The same premium throughout the length of the policy.
  • A choice of choosing a cover for 2 to 50 years.
  • An add-on option for specified illnesses.
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Whole of life insurance

Whole of life insurance is a life insurance plan that lasts for a whole lifetime and is not limited to a specific term. It includes:

  • It provides a lump sum payment to your family.
  • Standard whole of life insurance ensures the amount of cover remains the same as you get older.
  • Maximum cover has the same premiums but the amount of coverage you get could reduce.
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Decreasing term / mortgage protection life insurance

Mortgage protection Insurance is a form of income protection that secures your home by covering mortgage payments. It includes:

  • Helps secure the ownership of your home.
  • Helps alleviate any financial burden that may fall on a family member.
  • Helps pay off a mortgage if you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness, within a specified term.
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Q5. What is covered in life insurance?

It’s important to have Life Insurance if your death will have a financial impact on others. If you have a family and dependants, your death could be financially devastating to their finances.

What is covered

Most common causes of death

Terminal illnesses

Mortgage payments

What is not covered

Drug and alcohol abuse

Disabilities or chronic illnesses

Undisclosed health issues

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How can you get cheaper Life Insurance in Ireland?

Paddy Compare provides affordable life covers in minutes. Here are some tips to get the best cover for you:


Get life insurance at a young age to avoid high premiums.


Do your research, compare policies, and then choose the most suitable one for you.


Tell your insurer about your lifestyle and assess the cover based on your needs.

What is the eligibility criteria to get Life Insurance?

Your Guide to buying life insurance.


Determine what expenses need to be covered any how much you need.


Prepare your application. This will include your medical history, prior violations, etc.


Compare policy quotes once you’ve assembled the necessary information.


Pick a policy that meets all your needs and fits your budget!

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